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Almost every beauty salon in Australia has a business name/logo that it ‘advertises’ on its shopfront, marketing materials and social media channels – yet many fail to ‘advertise’ it on their uniforms.

We therefore asked Leesa Dawson, the founder of The Uniform Stylist (the Melbourne-based company that creates salon uniforms “that dare to be different”), to explain how a simple logo on a uniform can make a real difference to staff morale and salon profits.

What do you think are the main benefits of having a logo on a salon uniform?

  1. Brand awareness is the key benefit irrespective whether staff are in, or outside of, the salon.Nowadays logos on uniforms are a great way to increase brand awareness on social media as a lot of salons are so good at sharing images of their beautiful staff on duty – when these pics are shared, the brand name is automatically shared too if they are wearing logos on their uniforms!
  1. Logos also help unite a salon team, especially if they wear different uniform styles. It also give the whole salon a more professional appearance which is critical, especially for the all important ‘first impression’ with a new, or potential new, client.
  1. When a logo is applied in a creative, modern way, it highlights that a salon/business has ‘an eye for detail’ and is thinking ‘outside the square’.
  2. Uniforms with logos are tax-deductable!

What do you think are the main disadvantages of not having a logo on a salon uniform?

In some salons that don’t have logos, especially really busy salons, it can at times be very confusing for clients, particularly new ones, as they can’t always tell who is a staff member and who isn’t. For example, I’ve been mistaken for staff in a salon many times.  Often clients approach me assuming I’m the person who can help them with their booking enquiry or the person to help them choose the right products for their skin problems.

Why do you think some salons with a uniform choose not to have a logo as well?

  1. Some may have had a bad experience with logos in the past – perhaps the print faded, or the supplier made a mistake with the logo, and it ruined the look of their uniforms.
  1. Some small businesses may find it expensive – it can be costly for a small business to set up a logo on an embroidery or print screen. However, once a logo is set up the cost to add a logo is quite reasonable per uniform.
  1. Some clients have quite elaborate, or dated logo styles and would rather hold off until they have had the chance to re-vamp their logo design to something more modern, or in line with their new business direction.

Leesa concludes that logos are a relatively simple way for salons to stand out in the crowded marketplace but professional help to getting the look perfect for each salon’s unique is often needed

“What kind of logo to apply often depends on the logo design or font, the vibe of the brand itself, and the style of uniform,” she says.

“Expectations for presentation and brand image are stepping up now. The days of simply adding a logo onto the left hand side of the chest without considering what else is going on with the uniform or the brand itself are long gone.

“We therefore look at the logo application decision from all sorts of aspects so we can provide the client with all the information they need to make a logo decision that is right for them.”

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