Is your salon ready for 2021?

We can all agree that 2020 was, ahem, challenging, for salon owners. The bushfires kicked things off, and the COVID-19 came and locked our doors. While there’s a good chance you can’t wait to see the back of this year, there are some strategies you need to put in place to ensure your salon is ready for a bigger, brighter 2021.

Get your e-commerce platform in tip-top shape
You’ve heard us say it a gazillion times, and until you have an online store whereby people can book treatments and – in the event of another lockdown – keep your cashflow going by purchasing products, you’re not ready to compete with the more tech-happy salon owners. “They are your competitors,” says Sally Marks, business specialist. “We all just want an easy life and if I have a choice between the salon that lets me do all my booking and purchasing online, and another salon that makes me phone to book my personal and sometimes intimate treatments, and then makes me drive to the salon when one of my products runs out, you know who I’m going to choose.”

Give your salon a face
“People like a face,” says Kate Morris, founder of Adore Beauty of her choice to be the face of her own brand. “Why shouldn’t [people] know who is behind a business?”

Sally agrees: These days, we’re selling to a generation that want to feel seen and heard. They are going to feel that if they know the person that is vowing to respond to their concerns, and ensure they are feeling safe and secure throughout their experience. You can start by including videos of yourself on your social media platforms, and introducing yourself to clients as the owner of the salon when they arrive.”

Look, we’re all hoping that a vaccine will be made available soon and we won’t need to give COVID-19 a second thought. But in reality, social distancing and restrictions are likely to still be firmly in place into the new year. “I think the balance is to not harp on about it, but make it clear that your salon and its staff are still observing social distancing, still implementing extreme hygiene practices and that people have every reason to feel safe in the environment you’ve created.”

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