Candela Managing Director Mathew Green shares his vision for a successful business and his road to success.

Tell us how you came to be Managing Director of Candela

“After a successful career in sales and then sales management with Candela, I was privileged to be promoted to Managing Director as the Australian, New Zealand and South Pacific businesses needed a leader to implement Candela’s vision.”

You have extensive experience in the industry what has been the biggest lesson that you have learnt?

“The medical aesthetics industry is in a state of constant change, so never become complacent. Talk regularly to your customers, your team and other industry stakeholders and be ready to evolve to remain successful.”

Best piece of advice?

“Diversify. Diversify. Diversify.”

How has the industry changed?

“The most important change has been the democratisation of aesthetic treatments. What was once inaccessible to all but a privileged few, is now genuinely accessible.”

What sets Candela apart from other businesses?

“As the number one medical device company in the aesthetic industry globally, we work hard every day to make our mission statement a reality; Science. Results. Trust.”

What has been one stand out moment in your career? 

“Buying a retail pharmacy at age 27 and having no idea what I’d got myself in to. That ten-year journey gives me great empathy for the daily challenges that all the small business owners who purchase our devices go through; cash flow, banks, rent, wages, tax, competition, customer expectations etc.”

Do you have any business mentors?

“Far too many to list, especially as there are so many inspiring leaders at Candela. I would like mention Neil Osborne from the Sales Catalyst, who has been a great mentor for me during my time at Candela.”

How can salon owners continue to thrive in such a competitive environment?

“Create a unique experience for your customers. Despite many doomsayers, a single-site clinic can still absolutely thrive in the industry today, but it takes a unique vision and passionate implementation by the proprietor to make that happen. Simply copying your competitors and undercutting them on price is not a recipe for enduring business success. Innovate. Diversify.”

What are some of the most important aspects salons need to be aware of to ensure return clientele?

“A unique experience, efficacy-focus, customer service, staff competency, continuous education, career pathways, clinic presentation (particularly cleanliness), robust yet empathetic customer complaint handling processes and a unique marketing approach.”

Tell us how your passion for industry has developed?

“Before I entered the industry, I didn’t fully appreciate the profound impact we can have on people’s lives. As an example, Candela’s Vbeam family, the gold standard in dermatologist’s lasers for 30 years, are the only lasers approved for use on newborn babies for port wine stains, the benefits of which are life-long. I challenge anyone to talk to a parent who’s been on that journey and remain dry-eyed. To see a teenager liberated from the torment of acne, or a middle-aged man freed from a lifetime of acne scarring, or a young mum regaining her pre-pregnancy figure, motivates everyone at Candela, every day.”

How do you see the industry evolving in the next decade?

“In my opinion, the largest opportunity is body shaping. Unfortunately, most of the current technologies available don’t adequately satisfy consumer demand, however that is about to change. Watch this space!”

What are your plans for the future?

“Candela has such an amazing pipeline of innovations, I’m so excited to be at the helm for their introduction to Australia, New Zealand and the South Pacific.”


Have both a vision and a mission statement for your business and work hard every day to make them a reality

Never forget that your customer is at the centre of your business

A business is its people

Have a highly detailed business plan, yet remain agile

Don’t lose your sense of humour

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