The fifth Professional Beauty Industry Roundtable was an in depth discussion among salon owners and suppliers focusing on the key considerations toward introducing technology and equipment into a salon, clinic or spa.

Some of the key questions tackled on the day included:
1. What should you look for when investing in technology?
2. What piece of equipment is vital to a salon?
3. How can salons ensure they receive a good return on their investment?
4. How do you best finance equipment?
5. What are the risks involved with cheaper models from China?
6. How can salon owners keep up with all the latest technology?

Our eight experts, including Mandy Gray from True Solutions, Karen Austin from Skin & Laser, Farshad Kazazi (Kaz) from Eden Laser Clinics, Daniel Clifford from ClinicalPRO, Bruce Byers from Cynosure, Metro-Dora Clifford from Beauty Thru Nature Skin & Laser Clinic, Mathew Green from Syneron Candela and Meredith Langley from The Beauty Room Cosmetic Clinic, left no stone unturned in sharing their thoughts and ideas when it came to technology and the professional beauty industry.

We’ll be sharing some of their key points and insights over the next few weeks, but in the meantime, watch what our thought leaders had to say by visiting our Investing in Technology Industry Roundtable hub.

Make sure you also read our full editorial wrap-up out now in the May/Jun edition of Professional Beauty.

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