It’s a well-known fact among business owners that for all the money you can spend on marketing, advertising or PR, referrals from happy clients are always going to carry more merit when it comes to convincing a potential customer to become a loyal one.

Clients can be extremely loyal to their salon, and so convincing them to try somewhere new – yours – can be a tough challenge. That said, people are always more willing to consider a change if they can see that someone else is satisfied with the service at offer, and if there is a deal in place, in reward for their willingness to give you a go. With that in mind, encouraging your existing clients to be your ambassadors for your salon is extremely important.

Just expecting clients to shout about how fabulous your salon is, isn’t an entirely waterproof plan though. As much as a client may love your work, they’re still more likely to send referrals your way if there’s something in it for them.

There are some tried-and-methods to get your clients talking, and sending their friends, family and colleagues your way.

  • Send an email to a client after their treatment and ask them to refer a friend in exchange for a reward, such as discount or free treatment when their referral books in
  • Suggest that when a client refers three friends, they’ll receive a complimentary treatment
  • Request that clients fill out surveys following their treatment, and use their comments on your social media platforms to entice new clients
  • Invite clients to ‘bring a friend’ for a dual treatment, and offer the exisiting client a discount free treatment if their friend commits to a follow-up appointment

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