The beauty industry was one of the first be locked down during the pandemic, and one of the last to get given the green light to re-open. So needless to say, we want to make 2021 count. But with so many salons vying for that all-important customer dollar, you need something to set you apart from the rest. And according to the experts, that ‘something’ is the customer experience, or ‘CX’ to the initiated.

“In short, it’s not what you sell, it’s how you sell it,” says business analyst Geoffrey Moore. “You could do the best brows in town, but if the experience of being in your salon isn’t a good one, people will still look to go elsewhere.”

Particularly for millennials and Generation Z, says Geoffrey, the customer experience is a make-or-break for salons. “We’re talking about a generation that is used to instant gratification, and they want their experience to be Instagrammable and note-worthy. But more than that, they want to feel important when they walk in the door.”

Geoffrey says that customers that report having had a great customer experience are also more likely to spend more than they initially anticipated, either in additional treatments, products, or forward bookings. “Give them a positive experience, and they’ll reward you with their loyalty and their money,” says Geoffrey.

So, how do you create a great customer experience?

  • Make a fuss. “Everyone likes to feel special. Not looking up and muttering to take a seat is not a good start. But being bright and cheerfully announcing, ‘Mary! So great to see you! Relax and I’ll be right with you,’ is a good start,” says Geoffrey.
  • Listen to feedback. “Whether it’s good, bad, or ugly, accept it, promise to look into it, and mean it. And when you decide on a way in which your going to manage negative feedback, get in touch with that client and give them a heads-up about your plan. They’ll appreciate your transparency.”
  • Get your team on board. “Customer experience doesn’t rest with one staffer; it’s everyone’s job,” says Geoffrey. “Everyone, from the front desk to the therapist, to the assistant need to be going that bit extra to ensure the experience is a good one.”
  • Be present. “Comment on posts you’re tagged in, email to check how a client is going after a new treatment, remember details they’ve told you about in the past. They all go towards building a great CX.”

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