If you’re in the business of helping people look their best, then it’ll be important to put your best foot forward. That means setting up an environment where clients and customers can feel safe, pampered and relaxed and ensuring you have the latest technology to make procedures fast and efficient, so that you can deliver the results that your clients are looking for and maximise your opportunities.

However, as non-surgical techniques get more advanced and technology gets updated, business operators will be looking for innovative ways to set themselves apart from the competition. Having a good marketing strategy behind your business is as important as keeping up-to-date with new technology and the latest industry developments. Even if your business has a strong customer base of established clients, updating machinery and equipment will cost money and small business owners like spas and beauty clinics are finding it challenging to access credit from Australia’s major banks and lending institutions.

Upgrade your business the smart way with equipment leasing
In the medical aesthetics industry, being able to offer the latest treatments really counts and means you’ll need to upgrade your facilities regularly. Instead of taking out a loan to purchase your equipment or updating machines only as they become obsolete, medical aesthetics equipment leasing can help you get all of the equipment and facilities you need in a cash flow friendly way.

Leasing equipment means instead of a large capital outlay upfront, you can pay for the use of your medical aesthetics technology in convenient monthly payments. There are a number of advantages to equipment leasing for your business:

  • Preserve your business line of credit – leasing means you won’t have to take out a business loan to purchase a new IPL machine and have to deal with tough financial lenders. Instead, you can save your business line of credit for other uses such as expanding your business, maybe even opening up a new branch.
  •  Payments are tax deductible – if the equipment you’re leasing is for business use, your monthly payments will likely be tax deductible as they’ll be classified as an operating expense.
  • Avoid obsolescence – leasing for the short term means that you can avoid obsolescence as you’ll be able to return your old equipment at the end of your lease term and lease new technology as it rolls out. You won’t be stuck with defunct technology and disappointing results.
  • Lease any equipment, including fit-outs and furnishings – best of all, leasing isn’t just for technology. You can lease practically anything for your beauty business including massage tables, pedicure chairs, even the stylish spa stools your staff will be sitting on.

Being smart about your financing is a great way to stay ahead of the curve. Small business operators in the medical aesthetics industry can ensure their cash flow stays healthy and that their business is looking as good as their customers do.

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