Guinot Australia welcome online resource for salons, stockists and clients.


Guinot Australia together with Innov8ive Studios have designed a beautiful, eye catching and user friendly website for the Australian market. Focusing on all aspects of the brand allows users to easily manoeuvre around the screen clicking on links such as Find a salon, Latest news, Find a Treatment or Find a Product.

In order to stay at the forefront of the beauty industry globally, having an interactive online presence is important for a brand to remain in touch and communicate regularly with their clients. The design and development of Guinot Australia online ensures the consistency of brand profile across all social media forums. The brand have also recently launched a monthly newsletter.

Jonathan Pritchard, managing director of Guinot’s Australian distributors, John Pritchard International (JPI), is delighted with the new website: “With a hotlink directly through to the salons’ websites from the ‘Find a Salon’ tab, our salons are absolutely thrilled to be receiving assistance from Guinot to increase new clientele and inform existing clients.

“The ability to subscribe to the Guinot monthly newsletter is a fantastic way for Guinot to communicate with salons and consumers regularly and inform of new products, treatments, events, competitions and skincare news. Guinot embraces new technology and all it has to offer.”

At the click of your mouse or the touch of your keypad, Guinot is now at your fingertips.

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