Etiquette Tips to Impress The Socks Off Your Clients

If first impressions are everything, you need to make sure yours is on point.

By Professional Beauty contributor and business expert Kara Ronin

Every time a client walks into your salon, they evaluate the decor they see, the sounds they hear, the fragrance they smell, and the employees who are there to greet them. Within the first few moments of stepping through the door, your client will form an opinion about your salon, your service, their anticipated appointment, and may have also decided whether they will repeat their visit.

How can your salon make the right first impression? Here are my top tips…

Find your signature colour, sound and fragrance

Decide what emotion you want your clients to feel when they walk into your salon and choose a signature colour, sound and fragrance to create that emotion. If you’re after a warm, cosy feel, add cinnamon red, olive green or tones of brown to your decor and staff uniforms. If you prefer a revitalised and rejuvenated atmosphere, choose citron green, invigorating orange or ocean blue as your signature colour.

Use confident, positive and open body language

As soon as a client walks through the door, they’ll look for signs of warmth, openness and professional competence from your salon staff. Good posture, a head held high and a smile will immediately make new clients feel comfortable and well looked after in your salon. Slouching, leaning, crossed arms and unhappy facial expressions could force a new client to ponder whether their next appointment will be with you.

Address your clients by name

When you address your clients by name, it makes them feel unique and respected. Some clients may prefer to be addressed by their first name right from the start. Others would rather be addressed as Mr, Mrs, Ms, or Miss followed by their surname (at least until they get to know you a little more). Generational and cultural differences often dictate this preference. To avoid offending, I suggest you ask: “May I call you Ms Divine, or do you prefer Rose?”

Show gratitude with a handwritten thank you note

Handwritten notes are rarely used nowadays. However, it’s because they’re rare they have so much impact. Sending a handwritten thank you note to each new client after his or her first visit is a wonderful chance to make a lasting impression. Yes, there is a cost. Yet, if that small cost can bring your client back to your salon, isn’t it worth it?

Kara Ronin is an international business etiquette expert and the founder of Executive Impressions. Connect with her on or Twitter @execimpressio

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