Diary: Merz Australia Shines Positive Light on the Impact of Aesthetic Treatments

Merz Aesthetics Australia recently invited beauty media for an intimate lunch and exhibition at Pyrmont’s Dolton House in Sydney. PB’s Hannah Gay and Ariana Pezeshki were in attendance.

Merz is a global aesthetics company specialising in R&D and innovation since its inception in 1908 in Germany. The business offers skincare products, devices and injectables to beauty and medical professionals.

The event was titled ‘Confidence To Be’ and was produced to showcase Merz Australia’s campaign by the same name. The campaign was developed by four Australian-based aesthetic medicine practitioners – Dr Joseph Hkeik, Dr Elsa Delport, Dr Niamh Corduff, and Dr Stephen Lowe, and assisted by RN Grace Park.

Beauty Editors were invited to learn about the ‘Confidence To Be’ campaign, which documented the treatment journeys of 30 patients. The intention behind the campaign was to showcase the boost in confidence individuals can experience after undergoing aesthetic treatments.

The deeply emotional stories of patients were displayed throughout the venue, accompanied by their before-and-after headshots. Images were captured and interviews were conducted by Woodrow Wilson from Clinical Imaging Australia.

Guests gathered for a sit-down lunch of alternate mains, including roasted barramundi and pan fried supreme of chicken. Red and white wine was served to accompany, before mixed desserts of fruit and mini pastries arrived to finish.

Over lunch, hosts asked guests to hypothetically consider why patients seek out aesthetic treatments, and what their expectations would likely be. A video presentation ran throughout, which introduced the patients and their personal understandings of modern beauty.

Lunchtime conversation focused around the desire to achieve confidence for their patients; that patients’ outer confidence match their inner confidence. “To feel elated when we see our reflections,” Dr Joseph Hkeik said.

“Confidence propels us to our destiny in what we are supposed to become. This is a positive industry, not a negative one.”

Clinical Psychologist and Body Dysmorphic Disorder specialist, Dr Toni Pikoos spoke on the ability anti-wrinkle injections in particular can have on patients’ moods. She remarked that facial expressions can impact overall mood, and vice versa.

As part of the quantitative study conducted as part of the ‘Confidence To Be’ campaign, Dr Pikoos added that others tended to judge post-treatment recipients more highly in a range of areas from attractiveness to intelligence.

The media preview was preceded by an event for health care professionals only.

Be sure to catch Dr Toni Pikoos speaking at BEAUTY & SPA Insiders 2023, running this October. Event and ticketing information can be found here.

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