This year the Australian College of Makeup and Special Effects (ACMUSE) celebrates 40 years of educating and training makeup artists. Scott Lattimer chats to Anita Quade about the masterstroke of beauty.

Tell us how you got into the beauty industry intitially?
I arrived in Australia from England in 1999, and was offered an artist in residence position at the National Art School, My field being Figurative sculpture and mould making, during that time I was offered a position, as Head of School, by the Australian make up icon, Dawn Swane at the Art and Technology of Makeup ( 3 Arts). This was the beginning of my journey into the wonderful world of makeup, My area of expertise was education, and it was at the 3 Arts that I was able to implement my teaching practice whilst developing a thorough knowledge and appreciation for makeup. To this day I follow the same practise, never assume that you’re the best person to teach all aspects of a course, rely on industry people proficient and qualified in education to inspire and teach the students their particular area of speciality.

It was in 2002 that I became the new owner of Film Make up technology, carrying on the work from recently inducted hall of fame MAGAP winner, Jocy Knowland, and it was with her guidance that I continued a great tradition with the new name of ACMUSE (Australian College of Make Up and Special Effects).

What is it you love most about makeup?
The people who work within the industry are creative, hard-working, motivated and diverse.

How have you seen the industry change given ACMUSE will be celebrating 40 years of education?
There has been many changes over that period, but milestones would be the accreditation and audit process by government authority, the changes to Federal student loans in the vocational sector, the rise and rise of influencers, finally the growing desire for people to participate in shorter courses whilst expecting similar outcomes to full time courses.


Scott Lattimer is the force behind The Show Sydney.


You also organised The Show Sydney in February – tell us about this event?
The Show Sydney had its inaugural event on the 8th and 9th Feb 2020, The concept for The Show initially came about to fill a void. Being in the industry for such a long time I have quite a large circle of professionals that kept voicing their dissatisfaction with the current offerings on the market, craving a place where they could learn and be inspired by all aspects of our industry not just one discipline. So the concept for an all encompassing show was born out of a need to fill that void. Our event is a completely unique concept and there is nothing like it in Australia. A professional event that is vibrant and truly reflective of our wonderful industry, we are open to the public, we are supporting local Australian business and providing a platform for the professionals to share their knowledge and inspirations. A place where the everyday woman or man can come and experience the best that beauty has to offer with the professional tick of approval.

Tell us the ethos behind it?
It is a celebration of all things make-up, hair and beauty, an opportunity to watch and be educated by professionals, an opportunity to discover new brands, new tools and new techniques, to be able to have a tactile exciting retail experience and most importantly to catch up with like-minded people and have a good time.

You had a significant lineup of celebrity stars – what were guests be able to take away from the event?
For the aspiring artist the meaning of quality, of a professional standard, to understand better the expectation when working in editorial, runway, film, TV, bridal and beauty. It is also for the everyday man or woman to experience the best that beauty has to offer in a real world with hands on experience with that professional tick of approval.

What is the biggest lesson you have learnt in the industry?
To trust one’s intuition, to listen, and to share your dreams with others.

Who do you look to for inspiration in the field?
There are so many, this industry is abound with wonderful like-minded people prepared to offer advice, and support and for that I am very grateful.

What has been your favourite career milestone?
Having graduates working on Game of Thrones, Aliens 2, Fashion week , channel 7, channel 9, ABC, teaching at other make up schools, all in the same month.

Plans for 2020?
We are planning to introduce the Cert 3 in Hair, our hope is to bespoke this qualification for those that wish to advance into the TV and Film industry, not salon work, our emphasis will be on period styling and cutting hair for productions.

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