Gorgeous Cosmetics Makeup School 101

Gorgeous Cosmetics know that one of the most important aspects of makeup is service and education and have created Makeup School 101.

Unique to Gorgeous Cosmetics, Makeup School 101 will equip you with all the skills you need to achieve glamour every day. It’s intelligent makeup training for the non-makeup artist, and ideal if you simply want to learn how to do your own makeup in a more inspirational way.

At a Makeup School 101 class, our professionally qualified Makeup Artists will teach you to do your own makeup with confidence and skill, in a 3-hour, personalised tutorial. As well as teaching you the basics, we’ll also show you a few of our favourite insider secrets and the tricks of the trade, only known by Makeup Artists.

Gorgeous have always been advocates of hands-on training, and in a Makeup School 101 session you are encouraged to pick up the makeup brush and mimic your teachers’ work. What better way to learn and feel like a Pro?

The class fee of $150 is fully redeemable on product on the day, and your Makeup Artist will help you pick out which products will be best for you!

Work better in a group? Book a Makeup School 101 session for you and your friends or family. The more the merrier!

Makeup School 101 is more than just a service; it’s an experience.

Available at 9 locations throughout Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane.

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