With just about every salon owner ready to close the book on 2020 (after the Christmas rush, that is!), it’s little wonder that many are looking at opportunities to increase their revenue in 2021.

Enter Alison Egan and Maria Lucas, directors of The Institute of Aesthetic Teeth Whitening, and their plan to help beauty therapists upskill in an effort to broaden their client offering.

Both veterans of the teeth whitening and dental profession (Alison is the mastermind behind the multi-million dollar franchise business Sparkling White Smile, while Maria has over 14 years’ experience in dental clinics), the pair has established a series of learning modules that educates and equips students in the industry of teeth whitening. It delivers the latest in knowledge that is of a high grade standard making the course appropriate from beauty technicians through to dental healthcare professionals. It has been purposely built to meet the current needs of the market by utilising highly specialised digital media, videography and animation to deliver exceptional content to its audience.

Of the move to educate beauty therapists on teeth whitening, Maria exclusively told Professional Beauty: “Clients will seek beauty treatments in the quest to feel good about themselves, better their appearance and regain confidence. It is no denying that teeth whitening – for suitable customers – is a simple, relatively non-invasive and common procedure that helps to achieve these outcomes. Thoughtful discussion between therapist and client, along with skilful business development, means that teeth whitening treatments are an effective way to add services – and revenue – to any beauty clinic.”

The course will cover such topics as:

  • Clinical anatomy
  • Tooth sensitivity and patient discomfort
  • Informed consent and requirements 
  • Shade relapse and prevention
  • Cause of discolouration 
  • Gum protection
  • Treatment and procedure planning
  • Aftercare

Taking place on January 9 and 10 in Sydney’s Double Bay, Maria says the course is a chance for beauty therapists to be exposed to a high level of clinical knowledge. “At IATW, the founders believe that everyone should be exposed to as much knowledge as possible and they want all those doing teeth whitening treatments on clients to be educated with the most current and up to date training techniques. This is to ensure that the customer is always the priority in every situation. An industry first, the founders are on a mission to break down the divide and come together as a community so all operators are better informed at making decisions and doing treatments, with the best interest of the consumer always.”

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