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Sending personalised messages to your clients makes them feel special, increases client loyalty and keeps your business front of mind. In the beauty industry, this can have a significant impact on your client retention and revisit rates, which can increase your revenue. However, sending personalised messages manually is admin-heavy and time consuming. The solution? Use your salon software to personalise and automate a range of messages to be sent to your clients, saving you time and admin. Check out this list of the best client messages you can send to your clients automatically.

Send a warm welcome

When a new client books an appointment, you can set up an automatic email or text to send before their first appointment. You can use this as an opportunity to let them know you’re looking forward to seeing them and provide handy information about their visit, like directions, nearby parking and when they need to arrive.

Ask for a review

Positive reviews on Facebook and Google can help you attract new clients! Encourage clients to post a review about their experience with you by setting up an automated message to be sent shortly after their first appointment. Thank them for visiting and include a link to where they can leave a review.

Request feedback

To make sure you’re continuously improving your clients experience, you want to get the most honest feedback possible! Some people are comfortable giving honest feedback face to face, but an anonymous option via survey may work best for other clients. Setting up a questionnaire using an online survey platform, like Survey Monkey or Typeform, is simple (and free!). You can then link this in your automated email and encourage your clients to respond in the first 24 hours after their appointment.

Acknowledge referrals

Word-of-mouth is one of the most effective ways to bring more clients into your salon, so if a client refers someone, make sure to thank them! If you have a referral programme you can create an automated email or message to be sent to thank clients when their referral completes their first appointment with you.

Put follow-up instructions into writing

If you’ve spent some time explaining to your client the best way to look after themselves post appointment, it pays to put those instructions in writing. Following up with an email containing aftercare instructions for the treatment or service they just received increases the chance of the client following through with the aftercare, and will lengthen the positive effects of their service.

The same goes for products – there might be a particular way of using a product to get the maximum benefits from it, which you can send to them post[1]purchase. Additionally, you could automate a message to send them just before you expect them to run out, encouraging them to re-purchase from you.

Remind them to book another appointment

Schedule a reminder email or message five weeks after your client’s appointment encouraging them to book their next appointment with you. You can set this up once and reap the benefits of reducing your client revisit period and staying top of mind for your clients.

Contact clients that haven’t booked in a while

Sometimes all it takes to pull a client back in is a gentle reminder! Tell them you miss them, offer an incentive for them to make a booking, like a free treatment or a small discount, and provide your online booking link to make it easy for them to book an appointment with you.

Wish your clients a happy birthday

It’s always nice to receive special messages on your birthday, and when it comes with a little birthday gift (like a voucher or a discount) it’s even better! Collecting your clients birthdays when they’re filling in a consultation form makes it easy to add it to their client card. That way you can set up an automated message to be sent prior to or on their birthday encouraging them to book in for a birthday treat.

Follow up after a special occasion

If your client had a service for a special occasion, such as a wedding or birthday, check in with them afterwards to thank them for choosing you for their special day and you look forward to seeing them again soon. Taking the time to check in shows that you care. Make sure you’re getting the most value you can from your salon software by setting up some of these automated messages. Not only will your clients feel cared for when they’re not in your salon, spa or clinic, but you’ll enjoy the benefits of staying top of mind, reducing your revisit period, and having more time to spend on what matters most – looking after your clients!

Professional Beauty chatted with Isabella Castle, a marketer at Kitomba Salon and Spa Software, for this article.

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