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With the days of the solarium numbered, self-tanning professionals Fake Bake explain how they prevent becoming browned-off in this rapidly developing market sector.

What can or should salons do to encourage staff to attend training, both internal and external?
Salon owners and therapists should understand that on-going training is as important as initial training. As the beauty industry evolves so do ingredients and formulations. Keeping up to date with these changes helps you understand the benefits of each product and this in turn will help you perfect your profession.

At Fake Bake we ensure not only are our therapists fully trained on product knowledge and application but all other staff are too, from directors to receptionists, to the staff who work in our warehouse. This ensures everyone in the salon is educated and knows exactly the benefits, formulations and application of each product in the range. In order to sell products, you need to understand them and be proud to show your clients how well your staff are trained. I would also recommend exhibiting all staff training certificates.

Fake Bake offer comprehensive training and support to all our salons and therapists and a help line is available should they have any questions or situations they need guidance with.

How do you recommend salons increase their retail sales?
There will always be some staff uncomfortable with the hard sell approach to retail. For these therapists, it can be easier if they talk the client through each treatment, give a veral demonstration, explaining the benefits of using each product. This will eliminate the need for the hard sell and encourage the client to purchase products used.

Setting sales targets for staff with incentives, such as commission, is a great way to reach required quotas. At Fake Bake we use a reward structure, which works extremely well.

Having a 'product of the month' where the top sales person has the opportunity to gain an additional reward can help focus promotional activity.

Aside from product, what do you believe to be the greatest contribution a supplier can make to a salon?
Consistency and reliability of delivery is key. If salons are unable to source products they can’t carry out the treatments, period.

Newsletters are also a good way to keep salons informed of new products and developments within your business and the industry.

Customer loyalty schemes are also a very effective sales tool. Offering customer incentives not only drives consumers to the range but also shows that the brand values their custom by giving them something in return for their investment.

Marketing and PR campaigns to support the brand should be translated to the salons and retailers. At Fake Bake, our sales representatives keep their salons updated with coverage in the media and marketing campaigns.

Training and customer service is essential. Having someone at the end of the phone for advice and support when needed is extremely beneficial.

What are the essential components of salon professionalism?
In our opinion, the essential components of salon professionalism are that the customer feels comfortable the moment they walk into the salon; to be discreet and to attempt to understand each customer’s individual needs.

All therapists and staff should have full product knowledge of all products in each range to ensure any questions are answered efficiently, confidently and competently and also to assist in selling the products or services to the customer.

What do you believe will be the greatest challenge facing the aesthetic industry over the next decade?
There is real conflict between the global and local Australian economies that is producing differing results for the aesthetic industry.

Within Australia we are experiencing continued economic growth, and with the increasing disposable incomes from our booming resources sector the aesthetic industry continues to extend in diversity and number. With small business being the lifeblood of the Australian economy, this industry has to ensure that it will continue to attract a valued workforce, to ensure that those who train in the industry, stay in the industry.

For product manufacturers operating in a global market, the impending downturn in the economy will certainly prove a challenge to all businesses but will specifically add pressure to smaller scale companies. To ensure that your brand is always positioned as the market leader, investment in research and development is essential and with the fast moving trade and constant pressures from the consumer for advanced formulas it is imperative that this investment is made and new product launches are constant.

At Fake Bake we ensure all our formulations are of the highest standard and we continually hit the market with revolutionary ranges. This is the guarantee that keeps us at the forefront of the tanning market. It is the key to our business success.

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