7 tips for client experience

The goal of any beauty business is repeat business. Not only does it give you financial insurance, but building relationships with clients over time is also one of the most rewarding parts of the job. The secret to creating repeat business is customer service. A study by Microsoft found that 96% of clients said customer service was essential to deciding which product or brand to be loyal to. For our September-October edition, Kitomba’s Isabella Castle revealed her checklist for guaranteed client satisfaction.

1. Provide a seamless booking experience

“Whether it’s in person, over the phone, or via online booking, make sure a client’s experience is seamless! Trying the process out for yourself, or asking trusted clients what they think of your booking process is the best way to find any flaws.

We recommend giving your clients plenty of options when it comes to booking. Offering online booking is the most flexible option, as it allows people to book outside normal business hours, and means they can see all your appointment slots to work out what best suits them.”

2. Confirm and remind clients of their appointments

“There are three different types of messages you can send at this stage of their experience: confirmation, welcome, and reminder. Sending an appointment confirmation that allows your client to instantly add the details of the appointment to their calendar will mean they’ll be less likely to forget it.

A welcome message is good for new or infrequent clients. Explain things like parking, when to arrive, and what to expect during their time with you.

A reminder message is great for all your clients. A study by Simply Texting found that 60% of people responded to texts in the first 2 minutes, while for email, most people only responded after an hour. So we recommend text as it’s the most effective channel. Appointment reminders also significantly reduce no shows, so it’s a win-win!”

3. Make them feel welcome

“When a client walks through the door, make sure they’re greeted, made to feel welcome, are informed about how long they have to wait, or who to see. Having a receptionist makes this easy, but if not, create a rule for your team that when any client walks in they’re looked after by the first person who sees them.”

4. Stick to your schedule

“Allowing an appropriate amount of time for appointments helps you avoid falling behind schedule. However, sometimes a client is running late or the unexpected occurs. The best way to make sure your client has a great experience regardless of mishaps is to have processes in place. Make sure your team knows to message their clients straight away if they’re running late and to offer a free treatment to make up for it.

If your schedule is too tight and you’re finding your team is constantly running behind schedule, consider allowing more time for appointments, or adding in a buffer between appointments (your salon software should do this for you). This way your team won’t have to hurry, and your clients don’t feel rushed!”

5. Consider all the details in your environment

“The overall feeling a client has when they walk into your salon, spa or clinic, is made up of all the little details. The music, decor, smell, drinks, lighting, it all has an impact on the client experience. Even the way your team is dressed is important. For example, if you’re trying to create a relaxing environment, you might offer calming teas, have ambient music playing, and soft lighting.”

6. Take notes

“Client notes aren’t just for treatment notes. They’re also good for remembering the small details about your clients. Remembering drink preferences, upcoming holidays or kids and partners names all make your clients feel special and helps you form better relationships. You can note these details down in their client card in your salon software, and then when it comes to their next appointment, you can easily pick up the conversation where it last left off.”

7. Send a follow up message

“Sending a message to your clients shortly after their appointment is always a good idea. You can thank them for visiting, but you can also ask for a review, encourage rebooking, or upsell products or services related to their appointment.

Creating a fantastic client experience is good for your clients, your business, and your bottom line! If a client feels like they can’t get the same treatment anywhere else, they’re more likely to stay with you for a long time, and they might even tell their friends about it. So get your team on board, implement some foolproof systems, and see how your clients respond!”

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