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TMF Cosmeceuticals is an Australian manufacturer, formulating speciality products for some of Australia’s leading beauty and skincare brands. With more than 20 years in the manufacturing world, TMF has garnered a reputation for their one-of-a-kind approach to speciality formulations that truly perform. With a team of dedicated professionals, constantly working towards the best possible formulations, there are no limits to what TMF Cosmeceuticals can do. From smaller to bigger runs they can guide their clients throughout the manufacturing journey, from start to finish. Professional Beauty chats with TMF Cosmeceuticals’s Business Development Manager Abbi Kerr to talk about what the surprising effect the pandemic has had on the manufacturing side of the beauty industry.

PB: Has the recent wave of lockdowns affected you?

“We are very grateful that our manufacturing plant is located in Queensland and fortunately we have been very lucky to have not encountered as many lockdowns as other regions. Our facility still operates through all current and past lockdowns as we manufacture Hygiene products.” 

PB: How are you surviving financially if you don’t mind us asking? Is the government aid helping? Is there something else you wish was provided?

“We have not received any financial aid in the recent lockdown situations as our Company continues to trade. Although we have staff members living across borders that have been unable to attend work and have received government assistance.”

PB: How has your business been affected?

“We have seen an upturn in the demand for new brands and start-up companies during lock down, perhaps due to the time availability of people working from home.”

PB: How do you see our industry coming out of this? Better, worse, the same? And why?

“The Australian Manufacturing industry will come out of this stronger as many brands that were having products manufactured or sourced internationally are now looking for options closer to home.”

PB: How are you working on your business while you can’t work with clients?

“This does not affect us as we have not closed during any lockdown situations as our facility keeps trading.” 

PB: In what ways do you think our industry has fared compared to others?

“Manufacturing I think is one of the lucky survivors for the Australian market. If anything we have seen an increase rather than a decline.”

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