Cynosure's ZWave Pro

Cynosure Australia is launching ZWave Pro  − a new radial shockwave therapy device to improve skin structure and enhance fat reduction − into salons and clinics around the country.

The ZWave Pro can be used as a standalone device (to treat concerns such as cellulite and stretch marks) or in conjunction with fat reduction treatments such as SculpSure as it improves lymphatic drainage to decrease swelling, increases skin tightening and helps clear destroyed fat cells.

According to Cynosure, ZWave Pro treatments take just three to four minutes per area and are “comfortable, non-invasive and require no downtime”.

Cynosure Australia marketing manager Tracey Cannon says the new “easy to use” device is ideal for salons as it can help them meet the growing demand for skin tightening and body contouring treatments.

“Used as a standalone, the device can be used to treat stage I to III cellulite as well as stretchmarks as it is proven technology for improving the skin structure and connective tissue,” she explained.

“Treatment is generally completed in around six to ten sessions but some patients may notice visible results after two to three sessions.

 “The ZWave Pro is also very effective in combination with body contouring/non-invasive fat reduction procedures such as SculpSure, cryolipolysis, ultrasound and radio frequency.

“Used before or after any of the afore-mentioned body contouring procedures, the ZWave will help to decrease any mild swelling or tenderness post-treatment as the mechanical massage aids in the improvement of lymphatic drainage, decreases fat cell oedema and increases membrane leakage contributing to the clearance of the damaged fat cells.”

Cannon said Cynosure will be promoting the device to consumers in partner salons with customer marketing and promotional tools as well as seasonal creative assets for campaign activity”.

“Cynosure also has a roll out planned that includes a VIP media event (where media are invited to experience the treatment first hand) followed by supporting PR initiatives including a strong social media strategy, Vogue events, influencer and blogger engagement as well as promotional activity on a local level”.