Kim drives demand for stretch mark removal

One year after Kim Kardashian revealed that she had some of her stretchmarks “lasered off”, the demand for such procedures is increasing in Australia.

The 36-year-old Keeping up with the Kardashians star told her Snapchat followers that she had some stretchmarks removed by Beverly Hills cosmetic dermatologist Dr Simon Ourian.

Although she didn’t reveal which part of her body was treated, Kim told fans that “I feel so excited that I finally did it… it didn’t hurt that badly”.

Before-and-after three treatments with the Icon laser (image supplied by Cynosure)

Sydney-based plastic surgeon Dr Michael Zacharia believes Kim’s openness about her procedure is one of the key factors driving growth for similar procedures all around the world – including Australia.

“I think anything Kim Kardashian promotes is really trusted by her fans as they know she always researches and makes an informed decision on what she chooses to promote,” he says.

“History shows that her decisions are often very different from other celebrities and her decisions pay off ‒ whether it be launching a new fashion look, promoting a new skin care range or, in this case,choosing a laser.”

Dr Zacharia said that until recently there haven’t been “a lot of treatments available that achieve great results for stretch marks”.

Before-and-after three treatments with the Icon laser (image by Cynosure)

“Many practices have been trying skin needling with PRP and all sorts of different lasers.

“However at my practice we tend to do combination of therapies to get the best results ‒ combining the Icon Max G (distributed by Cynosure) to remove the colour of the stretch marks with the Icon fractionated 1540 handpiece (also distributed by Cynosure)”.

Furthermore “we sometimes follow up with treatments like needling with growth factors and LED light therapy to get the skin cells working at their best function and collagen stimulation at the peak for best results.”

Before-and-after three treatments with the Icon laser (image by Cynosure)

Yet despite the technological advancement, Dr Zacharia is adamant that “there is no one treatment that will ever reduce stretch marks 100 percent”.

“Every patient is different and has to have realistic expectations,” he says.

“The most important thing a patient can do is stick to the program.

“If they commit to six to eight Icon laser treatments and have their treatments every two to three weeks they will see results they will be more than happy with.”

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