Australian body oils brand Arithmos launches

There traditionally haven’t been many brands that are dedicated solely to body care, and a single product within that category even. Barriers to entry would have been too high, things like body oils would have been a single SKU among a sea of many. But the beauty landscape has changed in the past twenty years, with the internet offering up the knowledge and contact details for cosmetic scientists and labs needed to formulate beauty products. Social media has put the marketing power in the hands of industrious entrepreneurs and the beauty market has become smitten with indie brands where once there were only multi-national conglomerates. It’s this environment that has allowed micro-brands like home-grown Arithmos to thrive. This brand new Australian beauty brand creates hand-blended oils in micro batches made locally. The founder recently quit her job as an accountant to pursue her dream of launching this company, one which she hopes to see stocked in salons and treatment rooms in the near future. Professional Beauty recently chatted with brand founder Michelle Wang to learn a bit more about the brand.

Arithmos Skin was founded by Michelle in Melbourne, Australia. Developed in 2019, and launched in late 2020, Arithmos makes hand-blended body care powered by fresh, natural plant-based oils to feed and nurture healthy skin. This curated body care collection delivers the gift of moisturised, firm and hydrated skin in a decadent oil blend, with the mood-enhancing benefits of aromatherapy being the bow on top.

 PB: What was the inspiration behind starting Arithmos 

“Arithmos began with my concern for my young daughter’s skin condition—a dry and itchy affliction where she was constantly scratching; I tried so many products but nothing worked. The amount of different products I was applying to her skin was worrying as a parent. My knowledge of ingredients in these products was limited and I found the product labels too complicated, so I decided to become a cosmetic chemist and develop my knowledge around skin care products. However I also wanted to create simple, organic, natural body care with seasonal ingredients that are highly effective and powerful. I also wanted to educate consumers on the ingredients and their benefits so that they are also empowered to make informed purchase decision.” 

PB: How did you find yourself in the beauty realm after a career in accounting?

It’s interesting how I am able to apply the Accounting discipline to what I do now as a formulator. Each product is formulated with precision, I have spent over a year perfecting the formula to get the perfect balance of skin feel, scents and benefits for the skin. I make all the products from start to finish, I give the utmost attention to detail to every step of the production process, which is tightly monitored and controlled.  

PB: What made you decide to create a body oil specifically? 

“I feel like body care products in the market seem like an afterthought. The market has always focused on face products. My daughter’s skin condition made me think there’s a need in the market for specialised high quality body care products.” 

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