Landing strip, hair-free, or the full bush; hair down there goes through new transformations like everything else.


What wax style is rocking your clients' world right now?
What wax style is rocking your clients’ world right now?


The Fifty Shades of Grey movie adaptation came out earlier this year and it showcased actress Dakota Johnson sporting a full bush. It was a conscious decision, says director Sam Taylor-Johnson.

“Dakota and I had a very funny discussion about the arc and journey of her pubic hair,” said Sam Taylor-Johnson. “That she should start one way and go on this journey with it, which is in line with how it’s written in the book.”

So clearly there is scope to be creative when it comes to hair down there, even in this Brazilian-dominated era. Here are a few variations we have seen on treatment menus:


Brazilian: Clients leave hair-free from top to bottom, (literally). All hair is removed from the top of the bikini area, underneath, and between the bottom. It’s been a hot favourite for around the past ten years.

XXXX: Same as the Brazilian, just with a saucier name. No hair will survive the treatment.

Bikini: The classic wax. This wax removes the hair around underwear line. The hair shape is generally a triangle. The clippers can come out, or not.

Tassie: A high bikini. Only sides are stripped of hair and you might feel like pulling out the clippers to tidy things up.


A bikini wax and will generally give clients the shape of Tassie.
The bikini wax will generally give clients the shape of Tassie.


Down Under: This is a high bikini wax which also includes the inner bottom and may include a clipper tidy-up.

Full-Bush Brazilian: Fans of the 70s will be happy with this hippie hybrid. It’s a cross between the bikini and the Brazilian. All the hair is removed from the bottom and underneath while the bush is left free and easy.

Landing strip: It could be a vertical strip, a triangle or a heart (if you’re talented). This is for the woman who wants just a token amount of hair to make her feel womanly.


Vagazzling involves adding some private bling post wax job.
Vagazzling involves adding some private bling post wax job.


Vagazzle: This private sparkle was once reserved for spicing up a (professional) strip-tease but then, about five years ago, regular women started wanting to add some bling to their Brazilian wax job. It’s not the hottest trend of the moment anymore, sure, but we’re betting that there are women still rocking some underwear bedazzle, they’re just keeping it under wraps a bit more these days.




Have your say: What wax style are you being asked for most at the moment? And what do you think of vagazzling?