After 17 years trading as Adam & Eve Wax, the popular brand is being renamed Jax Wax Australia after its parent company “to better reflect the global nature of its depilatory business”.

Tina and Geoff Copland, the owners of Jax Wax Australia, have been involved in the manufacture of wax products for 30 years.

Since the launch of Adam & Eve beaded hot waxes at the Sydney Beauty Expo in 2003 the company has grown “to be a major supplier of wax to the beauty and spa Industry worldwide” with its products available “on every continent”.

Until now, Jax Wax Australia depilatory products have been sold under two different trade names − Adam & Eve Wax and Meticulous.

According to Tina, the new Jax Wax Australia name for both brands will “unite the two brands under one banner with a primary focus on the firm’s unique Australian characteristics”.

“As a proud 100 percent Australian owned company that manufactures all its products in Australia, the time has come for Adam & Eve Wax to rebrand,” she says.

“Australian products are highly regarded overseas as being of excellent quality, having superior ingredients and ecologically aware.

“With an emphasis on these three factors combined with the high standards our customers expect from Jax Wax Australia, I am excited with the next phase for the company.”

She said the company chose to use its name for both brands as “we didn’t want to give the impression that one brand is preferred over the over”.

The new Jax Wax Australia logo features Adam & Eve Wax’s familiar ‘apple’ image as a ‘core’.

“This will confirm to our customers that our products may look a little different but we are remaining true to our heritage and the values and history behind the brand,” explains Tina.

“We are aiming to emphasise the fundamental values of the range and improve elements, making the products more universal.”

The new Jax Wax Australia brand will begin to appear on the company’s distributors shelves and in salons over the next few months.

Tina stressed that the rebranding will not impact on salons and distributors currently stocking its products.



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