VV cream headed Down Under

Launched in Denmark last year, the first luxury line of skincare targeting “the V-area” is now sold in 13 countries around the world – and is likely to be available in Australia soon.

The Perfect V collection is made up of eight ‘VV’ products (a gentle wash, beauty sheets, an exfoliator, a beauty cream, an intensive beauty cream, a serum, a beauty mist and a luminiser) designed to “rejuvenate, enhance and beautify the V area”.

Created by Avonda Urben, a former marketing executive and consultant for beauty brands including Revlon and L’Oreal, the skincare line is made from “Scandinavian-sourced ingredients and vitamin-infused with anti-ageing properties”.

Urben says she thought of the concept for the line while working on a BB Cream for a client.

“I thought of the name ‘VV Cream’ and instantly thought it would be great to have a line of multi-tasking products for the V area.”

The Perfect V founder Avonda Urben

After researching the market, Urben quickly discovered there weren’t any luxurious or pampering beauty products for the V area despite the fact that “women all over the world are removing hair by waxing, layering, shaving, sugaring, using depilatories and/or just trimming”.

The Perfect V is now sold in 13 countries as well as to women around the world via the brand’s e-commerce site.

Urben stresses that the ‘V’ in ‘V area’ does not stand for vagina or vulva but the actual shape of “the bikini area” that the products are designed to treat – and is an ideal descriptor as it can be referred to without any embarrassment”.

Nonetheless she concedes that “at first many women are a little shy and do not understand what this line of luxury skincare is for”.

“The packaging is more similar to face products as opposed to the traditional look of feminine care,” she explains.

“The messaging is focused on the outcome of the product (even skin tone and radiant skin) rather than the actual problem (itching, odour, red bumps, etc).

“This messaging is again much like other skincare products. That was intentional as the purpose of the line is to offer women a beautiful luxurious product, both in packaging and formulation.

“The Perfect V was designed for the modern woman who already grooms her bikini area but lacked luxury products. Once women understand the proposition, they all exclaim that this is amazing that there is finally a product like this in the marketplace.”

She says the “PH-balanced, dermatologist and gynaecologist tested” brand works well in salon and retail environments.

“The salons and spas have the opportunity to really educate their clients on the benefits of taking care of that skin through their various hair removal services but we are doing well in the retail environment as well because many women look to those stores for the latest and newest innovations in beauty.”

Urben is now looking for “upscale salons, spas and beauty retail environments” to stock the brand in Australia.


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