Beautiful girl holding artificial heart

It’s Valentine’s Day and it’s time to make a bold statement so get ready to be noticed with siren red lips, glowing skin and pretty nail art. Australian Makeup Artist of the Year 2018 Sarah Laidlaw shares her guide to getting it right for your clients.


“More than ever before, the quality and texture of your client’s skin is in the spotlight. Healthy, just-had-a-facial skin is what everyone wants and skin care treatments and products have become the star of the show. The glowing, hydrated skin look is part diet, part skincare regime and part deftly placed makeup products. The trick is to focus on caring for skin so prep with a gleaming primer and lighten up on the foundation.”


“It’s far from groundbreaking, but the red lip is firmly embedded in fashion as a staple look. The French Girl Red statement lip was on the international runways in all its bright and bold glory. In Spring we saw glossy red lips, in Summer we saw perfectly hydrated old-world Hollywood reds.  Try using  a long-lasting formulation on your clients for Valentine’s Day. The latest products give a velvety finish that isn’t drying and will last through multiple drinks, dinner and a sweet Valentines kiss.”


“If you’re game, it’s all about sensual colours and nail art right now. From a pretty airbrushed ombre to handpainted designs to astonish, anything goes when it comes to a manicure. Try a romantic twist on this fun trend and go for designs using pink, red, hearts and flowers for max instagram-ability for your salon. For clients who want less look-at-me then a pinky-nude polish is a perfect go-to for the romantic.”