ESK founder Dr Ginni Mansberg explains why ALL women should use Vitamin C in their skincare routine.

“If there’s one product that ALL women must have in their repertoire it’s a Vitamin C Serum. It’s an all-round skin saviour and a product I recommend for women of all ages,” says ESK founder Dr Ginni Mansberg.

But before you rush out and buy a vitamin C serum, it’s important to note that not all products are created equal. In fact, it was the lack of evidence-based vitamin C serums on the market that lead Dr Ginni on a journey to create a scientifically valid skin care range.

There are a few important factors that come into play to ensure active ingredients make their way into the bottle and into your hands in a stable and affective manner.

The Importance of Packaging                                                                 

If you’ve ever wondered why vitamin C serums are never seen in transparent packaging, there’s a very valid reason for this. Vitamin C is a temperamental ingredient, and is extremely sensitive to air, sunlight and heat. Opaque packaging which does not allow the sun to transfer through is paramount for keeping vitamin C stable and active. Once exposed to the elements and oxygen, the active elements begin to deteriorate – this is referred to as oxidisation. Oxidisation is the reason an ‘airless pump’ bottle is the best and safest way to deliver vitamin C products to the skin.

This brings us to the colour of the serum. If you were surprised by the colour of ESK’s Reverse C Serum or C Serum Lite, this is the colour a vitamin C product should be – largely no colour at all! In fact, if your vitamin C serum does appear dark yellow or orange, chances are it has been oxidised and is, at best, not effective and possibly even pro-ageing.

L-Ascorbic Acid Over Other Forms

Vitamin C is available in a number of active forms. Among all the available options, L-Ascorbic Acid is the most biologically active and well-studied.

There are three ways in which this powerful antioxidant can help the skin – provided it is at a low pH. These include: Firstly, slowing the production of melanin aiding in the brightening and prevention of dark circles, sun spots, and pigmentation. Secondly, due to its high antioxidant potency, this ingredient works on a cellular level to revise existing damage to the skin including environmental and ageing. Lastly, L-Ascorbic Acid has been proven to enhance the overall texture of the skin thanks to its ability to enhance collagen production – leaving skin feeling firm and smooth.

ESK’s range of scientifically evidence-based, stabilised vitamin C products include the following:

Reverse C Serum: https://www.eskcare.com/product/reverse-c-serum/

C Serum Lite: https://www.eskcare.com/product/c-serum-lite/

ESK’s products are formulated based on scientific studies that are peer-reviewed and published in major medical journals. ESK only utilise ingredients which have been proven to be effective in independent clinical trials. ESK’s products are pH balanced and use the exact ingredients that have shown to actively work in revising ageing skin, pigmentation, acne, and skin texture and tone.

For more information email info@eskcare.com or www.eskcare.com


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