The Science Behind Ageing Conference

Held earlier this month, CosMedix’s ‘The Science Behind Ageing’ conference was a huge success in both Sydney and Melbourne.

Noureddine Mriouah and David Valenzuela

‘The Science Behind Ageing’ was held in Melbourne on the 5th of August and again in Sydney on the 7th of August. Over 200 guests attended the two separate events, the event floor became a lively industry gathering for doctors and clinicians.

CosMedix flew two key speakers from the US: Noureddine Mriouah, CosMedix product development director and principle scientist, and David Valenzuela, the vice president of CosMedix USA.

At this year’s conference, guests were given invaluable insight into how telomeres, inflammation, MMPs and glycation all play an integral part in the skin’s ageing process. Both evenings (Sydney and Melbourne) concluded with an insightful Q&A session with the experts – providing every guest the opportunity to speak to the expert panel one-on-one.

Guests were also given an overview of the CosMedix product range and an exclusive preview of the 6 new products that will hit the Australian market in 2014.

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