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Enjoying life. Low angle view of three beautiful young women holding hands and raising their arms up

Finally some good news about women’s happiness levels. A Clinique study shows that one in three women are actually quite happy, thank you very much.

Enjoying life. Low angle view of three beautiful young women holding hands and raising their arms up
Good news: A study has found that one in three women are actually very happy.


If you have ever wondered what is going on inside another woman’s head, a study by Clinique in collaboration with the Nielsen Institute, could shed some light. The study questioned 8000 women across 15 different countries to find out what’s going on underneath the surface.

The good news is that, on the whole, women are pretty happy. The study revealed that nearly eight out of ten of us (77 per cent) is happy with their lot. And when you break the numbers down, this contentment seems to be fairly consistent across the different age groups; 76 per cent of Millennials, 78 per cent of Generation X, and 78 per cent of the Baby Boomers say they feel buoyant most of the time.

The downside is that women feel their happiness wains as they age, with only a third (33 per cent) of women admitting to feeling happier as they get older. Nearly 3 in 10 of women polled (68 per cent) consider themselves beautiful, which is encouraging. On the flip side, nearly 80 per cent stated that they would rather be smart than beautiful, which perhaps points to a desire to shift away from our selfie obsessed last few years.

On the family front, 60 per cent of women said they feel happy about the relationships they have with their families, while 80 per cent say they put their family’s happiness above their own.

Commissioned to coincide with Clinique’s latest release, the Turnaround Collection, this study does shed some light on women’s collective happiness – as well as our desire to be seen as intelligent and relevant members of society.


Most of us think we're beautiful but then we're happy to put intelligence above looks.
Most of us think we’re beautiful but then we’re happy to put intelligence above looks.

“Despite being a manufacturer of cosmetics, we chose women’s perception of personal value and happiness as the theme of this survey, rather than external beauty,” says global brand president Jane Lauder. “This reflects the importance we have always placed on the ideal of the ‘smart woman.’”

The Lauder family, of course, is filled with powerful, intelligent women so it is no surprise that Clinique is concerned with promoting the (completely relevant) idea that women have considerable amounts of brainpower to contribute.

“Clinique is a brand that advocates beauty as a comprehensive concept, encompassing not only what is on the outside, but also what is on the inside,” continues Lauder. “Namely brainpower and character. It is a brand that continues to advance together with intelligent, wise women everywhere… our goal will always be to help women feel happy.”



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