Anyone who’s ever cried over a smashed pressed powder or eyeshadow is about to have their mind BLOWN…

Forget crying over spilled milk. If there’s anything that brings tears to a makeup artists eyes more, it’s spilled powder.

Pressed powders and eyeshadows have a nasty habit of violently exploding the moment they slip from your grasp, and besides taking an eternity to clean up (we’ve all had our bathroom/bedroom/salon turned into a Jackson Pollock artwork thanks to one innocent nudge that’s sent our eyeshadow palettes spraying colour everywhere), there is nothing more heart-breaking than watching a $90 cosmetic destroyed before your eyes.

Jackson Pollock's art comes to mind during a makeup explosion disaster... (Source:
Jackson Pollock’s art comes to mind during a makeup explosion disaster… (Source:

Thankfully though, a downright ingenious trick (whoever came up with this one seriously needs a Nobel in our minds), means throwing hundreds of dollars of makeup away as a result of an innocent case of butter fingers needn’t be a concern any longer, and all you’ll need to pull off this miraculous makeup saving trick is a basic bottle of rubbing alcohol like Isocol, which you can pick up for less than $10 at Woolies. Prepare for awesomeness…


Fixing a broken compact powder or eyeshadow

Step 1: Pour just enough rubbing alcohol into your broken compact to saturate the powder (a tiny splash is all it takes).

Step 2: Using your finger (or a toothpick to keep it hygienic), mix the powder in a swirling motion with the rubbing alcohol until well combined then smooth out the surface to make it flat again.

Step 3: Leave the powder to set for at least 2-3 hours, then voila! It will be just as if your makeup disaster never occurred! Feel free to share this one with all your most loved clients.

You’re welcome.


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