The Maldives is the smallest Asian country by area, but what it lacks in size it makes up for in spectacular scenery. In between catching waves, Glenn Silburn catches up with cluster spa manager Ferryana who reveals why Chavana Spa at Adaraan Select Hudhuranfushi is one of the best surf holiday resorts in the Maldives.

Tell us about The Chavana Spa?

“The word Chavana is the name of the humble Indian sage who discovered the fountain of youth and, with a dazzling appearance, went on to marry a princess. All inspiration for The Chavana Spa flows from the beautiful freshness of a Balinese garden during spring time. Bright pastel colours and fresh floral aromas, partnered with green and woody notes. The Chavana Spa introduces Balinese Fusion at its best – contemporary but never modern. The sounds of the Balinese garden are captured in our unique blend of traditional Balinese music with contemporary tones.”

When and why did The Chavana Spa open?

“The Chavana Spa first launched in October in 2009 after recognising the need for a simple spa concept that would suit the ever-growing middle market. Deriving its inspiration from Bali, Chavana is fresh, friendly and comfortable. The Chavana Spa welcomes everyone to experience the freshness and energy of the Balinese spa spirit.”

What makes The Chavana Spa unique?

“All too often, the spa experience is confusing and intimidating for all but the most spa-savvy consumers. With The Chavana Spa, we offer a simple, understandable and approachable concept that welcomes all to experience it. The Chavana Spa creates an environment where you can feel confident and safe exploring the wonderful world of spa.”

Tell us about the surroundings?

“The Chavana Spa at Adaaran Select Hudhuranfushi is nestled in a lush, quiet area on the island, serving as a private sanctuary for individuals or couples to enjoy treatments together. It features three double rooms with an outdoor jacuzzi and shower and one double room with an outdoor bath and shower, all arranged around a central courtyard. There is also an inviting open air reception, a manicure-pedicure room and a retail boutique and lounge, dedicated to quality spa products, which invites customers to continue their spa journey at home. Amidst the landscaped gardens and pleasant shade from large trees surrounding the spa, one double and two single outdoor timber pavilions allow you to experience relaxing treatments in a unique setting.”

How did you get into beauty?

“It started in 2004, when I was hired as an administration assistant for Kirana Spa, Ubud Bali, a spa by Shiseido. I have been in love with the spa and beauty industry ever since.

I earned my degree in economics majoring in accounting and marketing and through the years, I have had extensive training and knowledge in the spa operations. Mandara Spa Indonesia was the first company to give me exposures to spa operations when they hired me as spa manager for Ayodya Spa by Mandara. My first experience with The Chavana Spa was on Nov 2011, when I was assigned for the opening of The Chavana Spa at Adaaran Select Meedhupparu, Maldives.

Currently, as a cluster spa manager for Adaaran Resorts, Maldives, I am overseeing operations of four spas under Adaaran Resort in the Maldives.”

What do you love about the local beauty industry?

“The spa is becoming a vital part of the resorts offering here in The Maldives. While most of the innovation is coming from skin care companies in the form of new product launches, spas are introducing these products in their offering. More and more of the visitors coming to the Maldives are aware of wellness. They know enough to know that they should be living better lives. The ‘wellness transition market’ represents a significant opportunity for many spas in the Maldives.”

What challenges do you see in the spa industry?

“We see a shift of tourism market in the Maldives with a significant increase in the number of Asian visitors. The introduction of the guesthouse market resulted in a change to the traditional spas approach and its offering. The challenge for a spa is to be still relevant to those ever-changing markets. We must look at our service offering to capture those changing markets, to be more agile, otherwise the spa will operate on sub-optimal level, due to the lack of guests.”

Tell us about your staff?

“The Chavana Spa staff undergoes rigorous training and assessment at the Mandara Spa Training Academy, in Bali – Indonesia, before they are introduced to the spa environment. Consistent delivery and caring service are the focal points as our staff undertake intensive practical, theoretical and on-the-job training. To keep the team motivated, we always try to create a positive work environment, encourage teamwork and idea-sharing, and make sure the team have the tools and knowledge to perform well.  Setting reasonable and achievable goals further gives encouragement. When team members hit notable milestones we increase their motivation with individual incentives, or team incentives to motivate employees as a group.”

What kind of customers do you attract?

“Our guests are mainly our resort guests, however as our resort, Adaaran Select Hudhuranfushi, is conveniently situated in North Male Atoll, just 19 kms from the international airport, with an easy access by speedboat that covers the distance in a mere 30 minutes, we also have clientele on day visit basis.”

What are the signature treatments?

“Chavana Massage is our signature massage, it is a fusion of global techniques performed by two therapists at the same time and it is highly recommended after a long day of sea excursions or water sports activities.”

What are the most popular treatments?

“The most popular treatment is the Balinese massage. Passed down through the generations, this massage is designed to loosen tight muscles and improve energy flow. As well, Elemis Spa therapies, from the luxury British spa and skincare brand, are available so one can indulge in result driven treatments using superior ingredients combined with scientific solutions for skincare concerns.”

What retail brands do you stock? 

“Elemis, a luxury British spa and skincare brand that uses the successful combination of natural active ingredients with cutting edge technology, bringing to the market some of the most influential anti-ageing products and professional spa-therapies. Also The Chavana Spa products, which have been created blending traditional ingredients in contemporary combinations. Retail products have been exclusively designed to complement the treatment offering and encourage guests to take the spa experience home with them.   N

Brand values:

Fresh – like a beautiful Balinese garden, the energy and spirit of which will flow through every element of the guest experience.

Friendly – and approachable, we encourage all guests to allow us to introduce them to a fresh new Balinese spa experience.

Value – for money, time and effort is assured as we recognise that all three of these things are precious commodities in today’s busy life.

Treat – yourself to a spa experience that simply allows you to take a well-deserved ‘time out’.

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