Bio Beauty Concepts founder  Talya Bergmann reveals how to be a business standout. By Anita Quade

Tell us why you set up Bio Beauty Concepts?

“We have been the exclusive distributors for Bio Sculpture Gel for over 20 years, and loved offering a brand with such a positive beauty conscience, so we started to look if there were any other compliementary brands that aligned with our health focused approach to beauty. This is when we discovered Nouveau Lashes, the leading lash care brand in UK, which just aligned perfectly with what we believe beauty is all about. So together with my brother Brad, we created Bio Beauty Concepts – where we believe that we can make a difference in the beauty industry by exclusively offering the world’s best beauty brands based on a philosophy of:

  • seeing the beauty in health;
  • by bringing health into beauty;
  • believing in ending animal cruelty;
  • that quality matters; and education is power.

Can you give us an insight into your beauty background?

“I have always had a strong love for beauty and when I was at university, doing a Bachelor of Science degree (the complete opposite to beauty), I decided to do a nail technician course with Bio Sculpture, and offer nails as a side gig to my studies. Years later I ended up moving to Sydney to get involved with the Head Office for Bio Sculpture and an opportunity arose for me to become a distributor for NSW and ACT, which I looked after for 10 years until all the Australian distributors merged together and we formed Bio Beauty Concepts. I am now also heavily involved in the education for both Bio Sculpture and Nouveau Lashes, which I love.”

What is the biggest lesson you have learnt in running a beauty business?

“You need to understand and listen to your customers, it will teach you exactly what you need to know about your business and the industry. This is the main reason why I opened up the Nail Lounge five years ago, to give us insight and experience into the nail industry and knowledge that could then be shared with our customers to help them with their businesses.”

How has the beauty market changed over the years?

“I have definitely seen a big trend towards more natural and organic products in the beauty market as well as products that are vegan and cruelty free. Professionals and consumers alike are much more conscious of the ingredients used in products and are now electing for safer, non-toxic and more ethically sourced products to use.”

What is it like working with family in the business?

“It’s the best! I really do love working with my family (my brother and father) there is no-one you can count on more and trust more than family, which is so important in business. Family always have the business and each other’s best interest at heart and give 110% to the business. I also feel that working with family has also created an extended ‘family like’ community with our employees and customers, which is wonderful.”

How is it to juggle work and family life?

“To be honest it is a constant juggle, wanting to be in the business as much as I can, but at the same time wanting to spend as much time as I can with kids, especially whilst they are so little. Working with family really helps this challenge as they really understand the importance of being available for my kids when I need to be and really support me, which I am extremely grateful for.”

You own and manage one of Sydney’s top nail salons The Nail Lounge – how has the market changed?

“The nail industry has moved towards quick and easy services, as there is a clear demand for products that help reduce application time and costs of running a business. Gel polish and dipping powders are products that have increased in popularity and definitely have a place in the nail salon, but they have come at a cost to the industry in the form of poor quality products, little to no education or training, as well as playing a part in lowering the value of nail care services to the end user. While much of the salon trends have changed to more “express services”, at the Nail Lounge we focus on quality and health and offer products that are non-toxic and cruelty free as well an excellent customer experience and outstanding service.”

Do you find it hard to compete with the influx of nail salons and competitive pricing?

“The worst thing a nail salon can do is compete on price alone; by reducing prices this will trigger a price war and devalue the skills and experience of nail technicians and the beauty industry as a whole. In the end of the day everyone loses.  We are fully booked every day at the Nail Lounge, and we are not a ‘cheap’ salon nor do we use ‘cheap products’. We focus on offering our customers a unique experience, ensure our therapists are highly skilled and trained, so that once customers experience a service at our salon they won’t want to go anywhere else.”

What has been one stand out moment in your career? 

“Definitely opening the Nail Lounge, this was a big challenge for me and my team but has been so rewarding in so many ways and I have learnt and continue to learn so much so much, it has been invaluable.”

How do you manage to stay on top of the trends?

“I love to engage with our customers on a daily basis and get to know them and find out what they want and need in their businesses. Social media is a great tool to knowing what is going on in any industry as well as having a salon in the industry provides us with priceless information every day.”

Are there any tips for budding entrepreneurs starting out?

“In order to remain competitive in today’s beauty industry, salons need to try to differentiate their services rather than compete on price. Focus on ‘value add’ services and unique product offerings that provide them and their clients with something over and above the norm.”

What are some of the most popular value add ons to offer clients?

“A good option is to offer high quality products and experiences to clients that focus on quality, ingredients, health benefits as well as highly skilled service offerings. I believe that with so much choice in the beauty industry customers are willing to pay more if they receive an amazing service but it’s also an experience that will keep them coming back.”

Favourite parts about being Director?

“Being able to get involved in all aspects of the business, I love the variety in my job and being a jack of all trades, keeps me on my toes and keeps me inspired and interested.”

Top five tips for a successful beauty business

Keep up to date with training – Education is key to offering highly skilled services

Don’t compete on price – Differentiate your business with ‘value add’ services

It ‘s all about the experience – keep your services consistent and up to date

Quality matters – offer good quality products with a point of difference

Loyalty programs – reward your loyal customers

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