With Easter around the corner, the release of the BABOR Easter Egg is a skin-friendly way to keep anticipation high.


The BABOR Easter Egg is the ideal way to celebrate the holiday.
The BABOR Easter Egg is the ideal way to celebrate the holiday.


Better than any chocolate Easter egg, the BABOR Easter egg is like an advent calendar at Christmas time except that the treats have no calories and are far more exciting for the complexion.

Behind each door is one of BABOR’s skin saving serums. There are 14 ampoules in total, giving the recipient an intensive two-week skin treatment (as well as a bit of daily fun).

A great way to up-sell over the coming weeks to clients keen for holiday treat ideas that don’t involve dairy and sugar, each BABOR Easter Egg contains seven of the skincare brand’s most intensive skin treatments, including Hydra Plus Active Fluid, Revitalizing Oxygen Fluid, Collagen Booster Fluid, Triple Booster Fluid, 3D Lifting Fluid, Lift Express Fluid and the SeaCreation The Serum

Plus it just looks so pretty…..


Spoiler alert! Here’s what’s inside the BABOR Easter Egg.

2 x Hydra Plus Active Fluid: An invigorating thirst-quencher for any skin that needs moisture. Hyaluronic acid supplies intensive moisture and binds it in the skin.

2 x Revitalizing Oxygen Fluid: the oxygen shower for dry, tired skin. Activates cellular respiration and protects the skin against environmental stressors.

2 x Collagen Booster Fluid: Stimulates the skin’s own collagen production and reorganizes the collagen fibers in a regular, tight structure – for firm skin.

2 x Triple Booster Fluid: the personal trainer to “reboot” skin functions. With its triple action, it boosts the skin’s barrier functions, activates skin renewal and creates a moisture reservoir for “drought periods”.

3 x 3D Lifting Fluid: Acts in three ways to erase the tracks of time. Reduces fine lines and wrinkles, tightens the skin tissue and firms contours. Organic silicon improves cross-linking and thus improves the structure of the connective tissue.

2 x Lift Express Fluid: The lifting ampoule with an instant effect. A precious biopolymer matrix visibly minimizes the depth of fine lines and improves the micro-texture of the skin with immediately noticeable results.

1 x SeaCreation The Serum: Luxury skincare with the highly effective active ingredients from the deep sea- BABOR thermophilus and Glycocéane GP3. For effective protection against skin aging and reducing existing signs of aging, with long-lasting effect.



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