The Moroccan Effect

MoroccanTan’s brand manager Lisa Migliore reveals the latest formulations and company innnovations…

Tell us how MoroccanTan was first established?
“MoroccanTan was in development for over 2 years before launching into the Australian and NZ market in 2011 and then into the EU/UK in late 2013. Within the development period, we identified gaps within the industry and the demand for higher quality formulations that were more than ‘just a tan’ and had more science and innovation to them. These discoveries led us to the unrivalled passion of creating a brand that combined skincare and tanning to deliver exceptional quality and high-performance products.”

How does this tanning range differ from other products on the market?
“We consider our supreme performance and unearthed hero ingredients, such as pure organic Argan Oil set us apart. However, overarching this is our “mindful beauty” approach which embraces many positive qualities, such as no animal testing, vegan-friendly, ethically sourced, organic and natural when possible and fair trade. It’s not enough for us to produce an amazing tan, we are always looking to push the boundaries and break the mould.”

How have you seen the tanning industry evolve over the past decade?
“Rapid tanning would have to be one of the most significant developments, this advance in technology welcomed a new community of tanners, with the lure of achieving a natural tan within a short timeframe and it has become a more desirable service. The focus has also shifted to incorporating premium ingredients into tanning solutions to assist in achieving not only the best result in colour and wear but simultaneously delivering a skin treatment.  These advances are reinforced with a heavy focus on education.”

MoroccanTan brand manager Lisa Migliore

What is the most popular tanning item in your collection?
“The success of our most recently launched professional solution MoroccanAccelerated is still riding the wave of popularity as people continue to discover and be excited by its new technology and high-performance ingredients. However, in saying that if we analyse our sales all of our products are still very evenly favoured which we contribute to having a range of products to suit all tanners, professionals and alike. As a brand, the addition of new products is to fill gaps, attract new professionals and consumers to our brand and to continue to pioneer and lead the tanning industry.”

Do you have any other product launches in the pipeline?
“We have just launched our Instant Dry Oil which has received impressive reviews. The idea behind this product was to create the darkest at home product, with a salon feel. The versatility of this product allows it to be applied and worn instantly and also mixed and matched within the MoroccanTan range. The inspiration was drawn from the popularity of our MoroccanAccelerated professional solution, initial sales have been exciting and we anticipate to expand the Accelerated range in the New Year.”

Any tanning tips you can share with salon owners?
“My number one tip is to look after your equipment!! It’s an area that is often neglected and overlooked – for some reason many business owners and technicians do not service their machinery until it’s failed – preventative maintenance is key. Perhaps it’s due to the fact the level of investment for a spray tan machine has dropped progressively over time unlike other equipment such as LED and laser machines.”

Your products include Argan Oil and are made from natural and organic products – how important are these key ingredients in the range?
“Our key ingredients are the integrity and innovation of the brand – harnessing the important properties of naturally-derived and ethically-sourced ingredients from across the globe ensures our range works effortlessly to ensure a deeper, richer and longer lasting seamless tan. With each MorrocanTan experience, we reinforce our philosophy of the importance of skincare, delivering a nourishing treatment with each application.”


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