Ever wondered what it’s like to be backstage at Fashion Week? We got St.Tropez spray tanner Dimitra Rougalas to give us a first-hand account of exactly what goes on behind the scenes…

Day one. Monday, 7.00am

Picture a room buzzing with creativity; chaotic yet structured and organised.  Photographers line the makeup stations ready to capture the glamour. There are people rushing through with products in hand and makeup brushes covered in powders.  There are videographers recording the creative backstage atmosphere while model after model enters the space ready for the pre-runway prep.

The air is filled with the sweet aroma of incense, hairspray and St.Tropez which brings a sense of calm to the area. Complementing this is the constant chatter of professionals, press interviews and social media posts. There are suitcases and handbags lining the curtain covered walls as the excitement starts to build up.

The St.Tropez skin finishing team has the tanning area set with pop-up tents, St.Tropez banners and of course custom robes for the models to use while their tan is developing.

As the first group of models line up for their St.Tropez tans the team preps their skin with moisturiser before beginning to apply an instant tan lotion that sets for 24 hours and won’t streak or transfer onto clothing before the finishing touches of the St.Tropez Gold Illuminator kiss the skin before the runway. One after another, the models are transformed and given that St.Tropez tanned glow.

With strict schedules to follow and a detailed look to be achieved, the entire backstage experience becomes very intense and time critical; until the moment the models emerge on the runway, all polished in designer threads with creative hair and makeup.  However the look cannot be completed without the right skin finish – and that’s one of the most important aspects of the overall look.

Day two. Tuesday, 10.00am

We arrive at the White City Tennis Courts, where We Are Handsome are to show their new collections. For the first time, the brand use both models, fit girls and athletes to showcase their latest active wear collection. What an experience!

There was vibe, great music and energy. Everyone was happy to be there. To be tanned. To have their hair done. To get on that runway and rock the latest designs. The best thing, I got a ticket to see the show – to see all our hard work, as the girls (and guys!) strutted their stuff on the tennis court, showcasing a golden glow that only St.Tropez can give.

For both the ‘Bec & Bridge’ and ‘We Are Handsome’ 2015 runway shows, it was all about that healthy bronzed glow; that highlight on the décolletage; that tanned sheen on the skin and that all-over body radiance. It’s all about those skin finishing industry secrets that give the skin contours and highlights – that make the models glow as they walk the runway.


This is a contributor article by ‘Win A Spot On The St.Tropez Tanning Team’ trade event winner, Dimitra Rougalas.