If it’s equipment and accessories you need, Tanning Essentials has been offering the salon professional a one-stop shop of spray tan systems, clean air extraction units and essential tanning accessories for over a decade.



What tanning equipment/products (in-salon tanning equipment, products and/or retail products) does the brand offer to salons?

For almost a decade, we have been offering everything a salon needs except spray tan solution. Our extensive range of spray tan systems, clean air extraction units and accessories supports professional salons, home and mobile spray tanners. Purpose built by experts and beautifully designed, we cater for high to low use, wide range of techniques, commercial durability and quality delivering the perfect experience each and every time. Our full range of equipment, extraction systems, salon accessories and disposables is available through more than 100 beauty wholesalers around Australia and on our website at www.tanningessentials.co

What features distinguish the brand’s equipment/products from others on the market?

Our complete range is custom, ergonomically designed, engineered and exclusively purpose built for spray tan professionals. Boasting sought after advanced features such as whisper quiet operation, built in air heat function, smart memory to recall previous settings, high-tech stainless steel components, DHA resistant needle and nozzle and adaptable spray patterns to achieve a flawless result every time.

Newer advancements include the introduction of finer, wider spray patterns, longer life motors and low maintenance regimes, that have also proved quicker treatments improving salon and customer experiences.

Tanning Essentials is also proud to embrace environmental “green” trends to become more energy efficient, and incorporate more recycled and sustainable materials whilst delivering ultra compact, lightweight systems.

What specific benefits does the brand offer salon owners?

Proudly Australian and available in more than 40 countries, Tanning Essentials’ detailed industry knowledge is gained from worldwide professional leaders and is applied to our extensive range. This equates to a proven ability for quality, reliability and innovation, supporting the tanning professional with unrivaled client support, online ‘How To’ tutorials, comprehensive worldwide warranty guarantee, online access to equipment set up, troubleshooting and maintenance support.  Tanning Essentials is continually recognised and is a preferred trusted choice for all industry professionals. Join our social media community for up-to-date news, tips and tricks on https://www.facebook.com/tanningessentials/ 





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