Found in some of the world’s best spas and salons, multi-award winning SunFX ranks number one in the USA thanks to its comprehensive range of all-natural and organic-based solutions. 



What tanning products does the brand offer to salons?

Snuffs Professional Pro Tanning Systems, SunFX Pro Mini Tanning Systems, SunFX Clean Air Extractors, SunFX Tanning Accessories (hair nets, g-strings, foot protectors), SunFX Summers Secret range of professional self-tan products and Gradual Tans.

SunFX specialises in manufacturing nearly everything for tanning and this way we ensure only top quality products to support our salons.


What features distinguish the brand’s products from others on the market?

Made in Australia, SunFX was introduced to the world in 1999. Since then then we have become the world’s Number One supplier of professional tanning systems with our products stocked in more than 30 countries.

In 2010 we launched in the USA where we are now regarded as the Number One sunless tanning line due to our professional approach and highest quality products. We are unique in the market because we are the world’s ‘most awarded brand’ – our tanning systems have won numerous Australian and international design awards.

We are also unique in that we still manufacture and assemble all our tanning systems right here in Australia and export all around the world. We manufacture our all-natural and organic-based solutions here in Australia, and in the USA and Europe for their respective markets.


What specific benefits does the brand offer salon owners?

Our professional tanning equipment is the best in the world and is recognised as the best investment a salon can make for many years of stress-free tanning – it also helps a salon look totally professional.

Our solutions are regarded as some of the best in the world and are therefore used in some of the world’s best spas and salons including Las Vegas’s Number One spa, ARIA. They are extremely hydrating (due to copious amounts of fresh aloe, green tea and coconut) and are renowned for their naturalness as we constantly focus on ensuring that all the ingredients in the solutions are as close to organic as possible.

We are therefore pleased to announce that we will soon be launching some brilliant new formulas containing some rare but amazing botanicals.



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