Award-winning Australian tanning brand, Sunescape Tan, is loved by A-listers and salons alike. Not tested on animals and free from parabens and petrochemicals, this high profile range offers the ultimate natural-looking tanning. 




What tanning products/equipment does the brand offer to salons?

Sunescape Tan offers a proprietary tanning formula with certified approved natural DHA. Our range of professional spray tan solution comes in three shades: Weekend in Bondi (Light), Week in Fiji (Medium) and Month in Maui (Dark). In addition to this we offer a whole take-home retail range including Hydrating Self-Tanning Mousse, application and removal mitts, Body Butter, Gradual Tan Extender, Exfoliating Body Polish, gift sets and scented soy wax candles.

What features distinguish the brand’s products/equipment from others on the market?

Our Australian-owned tanning range is renowned for delivering a beautiful and natural-looking colour along with its signature coconut vanilla scent. All products contain added vitamins, antioxidants and hydrating oils with anti-ageing and skin firming properties leaving the skin smooth and replenished. Not tested on animals, and free from parabens and petrochemicals, our tanning range is the go-to-brand for A-listers such as actress and former Miss World Australia Erin Holland, Instagram superstar Camilla Akerberg and high jumper and model Amy Pejkovic.




What specific benefits does the brand offer to salon owners?

Sunescape Tan was developed in collaboration with one of Australia’s leading tanning salons, Tan Temple Bondi, giving us valuable insights about the needs and wants of salons. This understanding allowed us to create and deliver unparalleled business support, great profit margins and an award-winning tanning range. We have created a winning formula, not just in regards to tanning solution but also for sales training, staff incentives and sales support. As the exclusive tanning sponsor for Miss World Australia 2017, our salons can take advantage of a high profile brand and regularly reap the benefits of our PR activities.

What specific benefits does the brand provide to salon clients?

The benefits of Sunescape Tan clients rave about the most, besides the natural result, is the fact that the tan doesn’t dry out the skin. We have added vitamins, antioxidants and oils in our range to hydrate the skin. This ensures gradual fading of the tan without the dreaded patchiness and ‘snake skin’ look that some other products can leave. Sunescape Tan is renowned for its signature tropical scent, a favourite with all our clients as there is no fake tan smell. Sunescape Tan doesn’t use any nasty chemicals, or hidden ingredients, our tanning range is reminiscent of coconuts and vanilla.

What help/education does the brand offer to salon owners who want to start up an insalon tanning service?

Professional Beauty Solutions have worked very closely with several of the top tanning and beauty salons in Australia and have successfully uncovered what separates poor performing salons from the most profitable. These crucial insights into business success are what PBS and Sunescape are able to offer that can make the difference between a salons success or failure. We teach salons how to create a profitable business focusing on profit per minute, provide them with educational videos on how to apply the tan and how to maintain efficiency of tanning equipment. Every month we provide all our tanning salons with a set of marketing tools, called Marketing On A Platter (MOAP), which they can incorporate into their business. This includes social media graphics, electronic newsletters and printable posters. We offer webinars and workshops on profitability and salon specific marketing, ensuring our tanning salons are equipped with all the resources they need to succeed.

What help/education does the brand offer to salon owners who already offer an insalon tanning service but want to change to sunescape tan?

We find that once a salon has tried our Sunescape tanning range and utilised our supporting marketing resources, they don’t go back to their previous tanning brand. Because of this, the transition happens organically with salons choosing to continue with Sunescape Tan themselves. In regards to support, we give all our tanning salons the product education and business support they need to excel in their industry. We aim to make our tanning salons the most profitable, highest quality salons in the industry.




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