As Australia’s number one self tanning brand, Bondi Sands believes in easy-to-use tanning formulations that deliver the ultimate “Australian Tan” every time.    




What tanning equipment/products does the brand offer to salons?

Bondi Sands gives salon owners Australia’s most in-demand self-tanning brand in two easy to use and understand Professional Spray Tan Solutions. We offer a Light/Medium Spray Tan Solution and a Dark Spray Tan Solution which both come in a 500ml and one litre size. Not only is Bondi Sands Australia’s Number 1 self-tanning brand but salon owners can introduce this product into their salon using existing equipment for just $49.95 per one litre bottle.

What features distinguish the brand’s equipment/products from others on the market?

At Bondi Sands we do not believe in confusing consumers, clients and salon owners with technical colour bases, different DHA levels, solution mixing or foreign active ingredients. Our Dark spray tan solution features the active ingredient erythrulose, which helps to produce the deep, dark, long lasting tan. Our Professional Spray Tan Solutions are easy to use, understand and recommend to clients making The Australian Tan oh so easy to deliver.

What specific benefits does the brand offer salon owners?

Our range of Salon Professional Spray Tan Solutions give salon owners and technicians flawless results every time when spray tanning clients with our fast drying, coconut scented solutions. Bondi Sands is available to salons from $29.95 for a 500ml bottle and $49.95 for a one litre bottle making the products affordable and profit margins high. With a service cost of $3.33 based on 15 spray tans per litre, Bondi Sands gives salon owners the most popular product on the market at the most affordable price.

What specific benefits does the brand provide to salon clients?

Bondi Sands Professional Solutions now give clients who have been using our retail range the opportunity to have their favourite tan professionally applied in salon. Clients who are time-poor have the convenience of our solutions development in just two hours making getting ready for that last minute occasion simple! Salon clients will be able to easily decide which Bondi Sands Solution they would like applied due to the professional and retail range alignment. If they have used a Bondi Sands product before, they can simply have the same colour applied professionally in-salon giving them the product and brand confidence they crave.

What help does the brand offer to salon owners wanting to launch an in-salon tanning service?

Salons who are new to spray tanning can access in-salon training conducted by Australia’s most experienced spray tanning trainer, access to educational videos online, a written training manual and phone support. Spray Tanning is an easy- to-offer, high profit service that any beauty salon, day spa, hair salon or skin clinic can introduce. Staff do not require any certified training and the service is made even easier to offer with our concise professional solution range.

What help does the brand offer to salon owners wanting to transition to the brand’s in-salon tanning service?

We can send salons wanting to change to Bondi Sands a free sample of our professional spray tan solutions to trial and then offer them access to educational training videos online, a written training manual and phone support. In addition to this the salon owner can rest at ease knowing that they are using Australia’s most tried and tested brand.




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