Black Magic Tan has pushed the tanning industry forward for ten years. Delivering beautiful deep tans, this tanning range boasts one of the most popular competition spray tans in the industry. 


What tanning products does the brand offer to salons?

Black Magic offers a wide range of spray tanning machines and equipment to the Australian market. From small start-up packages to whisper quiet units that offer the very best in spray tanning results. We will be introducing a new range of extraction systems for Summer 2016/17 which will suit every tanner in the market from mobile to salon.

We manufacture a wide range of spray tanning solutions in a variety of colour bases. All our solutions are made locally right here in Sydney and we are registered with Australia Made and Peta.


What features distinguish the brand’s products from others on the market?

Experience. Black Magic has now reached 10 years in the sunless tanning industry. The owners, Myra and Brett Black, are always working on new ideas and concepts that will help the tanning industry grow. In 2011 we introduced our competition tanning range to the market. This has since has become one of the widest used and most popular competition tans in the industry and created a whole new market for the spray tanner. The days of using rub-on products are almost behind us. Our development of new products has also created solutions that are far more superior than other brands by investing in lab time to create solutions that are free of harsh drying agents like alcohol yet dry faster than these older outdated formulas.


What specific benefits does the brand offer salon owners?

  • Truth in marketing. We offer simple truth when it comes to our products. With so much confusion within the industry Black Magic Tan believes in the right information for all of our clients.
  • We offer salons a one-stop tanning shop. It is the characteristics of our formulas which make each range unique. Clients will receive a different experience and tone depending on which product they use and their skin type.
  • Today, the Black Magic collection contains five ranges: Vibe, Black Magic Original, Argan, Competition and Pure Magic (a niche product which was created for those clients wanting the most natural experience possible).
  • Black Magic products are sold within Australia through a national distribution network which services hair and beauty professionals



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