Kristin Fisher - the founder and owner of Kristin Fisher Eyebrows

Kristin Fisher, one of Sydney’s leading brow queens, will be sharing some of her secrets to PR success at next month’s BEAUTY & SPA Insiders summit.

Kristin, who opened her first salon at 19 and now boasts an extensive list of clients, including numerous celebrities, believes that “good PR” is essential for success in the beauty industry.

In the lead up to her appearance at BEAUTY & SPA Insiders, we asked Kristin a few questions about her career, business and PR.

What is your background in the beauty industry?
“I began as a beauty therapist, performing all beauty services. I loved the interaction with people and the opportunity to make my clients feel more confident in their own skin. I really felt I was in my element in the salon environment, and have always felt a special connection to women. I found it natural to form relationships with my clients and always knew this was the industry I would find myself in for many years to come.”

When did you decide to launch your own salon?
“I decided to go out on my own when I was only 19. It felt like a natural progression as I had my own ideas and wanted to be in full control of my career. Even at that young age, I had a clear vision of where I wanted to be 10 years from then.”

Why did you decide to focus on brows?
“I’ve always had an obsession with brows, but found a very evident niche in Sydney when I relocated form Perth. Brows can instantly transform your face, and it’s surprising how many people get it wrong! It’s really something that requires a keen eye – that’s where I came in! I began researching cosmetic tattooing, in particular the feather touch method for semi-permanent eyebrows. Once I started my training I was hooked, and have never stopped learning and updating my skills since then.”

How important do you think PR has been to your success?
“There’s no denying the importance of PR to any business, but especially when providing such a visual and personal service, good PR is a way of getting our audience to trust us. I have been fortunate enough to network and make connections in media very organically – sometimes without even searching for it! I feel as though my attitude and intentions seem to manifest new opportunities – and remaining humble and open to has allowed this to flow quite naturally.”

What do you think is the easiest way for a beauty salon owner to generate their own PR?
“We are all addicted to our phones! Social media is therefore a great way to reach an audience, as it can be really interactive and it’s mainly visual. It’s also the perfect way to network, display before-and-after photos, and show the public what you’re all about. I’m quite candid and transparent with my audience. Another, more old-fashioned way, is to simply reach out make connections with local businesses and the community.”

For more information on the BEAUTY & Spa Insiders summit, which will be held in Sydney on May 27, click here.

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