For over a year now, Xtreme Lashes has been running a successful program that awards their best lash stylists with the honorary title of Stylist of the Month.


Each month the team at Xtreme Lashes will nominate a top stylist who will be given the title of Stylist of the Month. Their profile and story will be featured on the Xtreme Lashes website and social media pages – recognising their talent.

“This sought after position becomes a perfect promotional opportunity for our clients. They love being in the Xtreme Spotlight for a month,” said Louise Weston, marketing and creative director of Xtreme Lashes.

The chosen lash stylist must fit these criteria: they are certified, use the correct application techniques and offer up-to-date products and supplies to their customers.

The winning stylist from each month will receive a dedicated listing on the ‘Find a Lash Stylist’ page on the Xtreme Lashes website, helping to promote their business. Their listing will include everything from a list of services, accompanying images and a Google map to pinpoint their location.

The ‘Find a Lash Stylist’ page receives 3000 hits per month and features an email enquiry form via the main website – perfect for those who do not have their own website.

On top of all this the Stylist of the Month will also complete a questionnaire that sits on the Xtreme Lashes blog (you can check out some past winners here). “These blog posts are tweeted and shared on Facebook as well. We see it as a valuable advertising opportunity for our stylists to create a name for themselves in the industry,” said Louise.

This program began in August 2012 and is still going strong. Over the past year it has encouraged other lash stylists to complete the formal certification process. “We have had clients complete our certification process in order to compete for the title,” Louise said.

For more information visit www.xtremelashes