Skinstitut celebrates 10th Birthday

Skinstitut – on display at the brand’s 10th Birthday celebration in Sydney

Australian cosmedical skincare brand Skinstitut is celebrating its 10th anniversary this year with a record-breaking “40 percent growth in year-on-year sales” – and the release of a limited edition skincare pack.

Celebrating its milestone at a media event in Sydney, Skinstitut general manager Nicola Kropach said that the growth rate was a “profound achievement” for the brand which vindicates its founding rationale “that Australians are looking for highly effective, results-orientated scientific skincare that is affordable”.

“I am so proud to be associated with Skinstitut,”she said.

“Ten years ago Skinstitut shocked the crowded beauty market place in Australia with its out- of-the-box vision and brand values.

“Way ahead of the market, strategists behind Skinstitut forecast the dramatic retail downturn that was on its way as e-commerce gained momentum, and the retail landscape and path to purchase was set to change forever.

“They [the strategists] set about positioning the brand as the most accessible cosmedical product in the professional beauty space.

“This, alongside Skinstitut’s impressive high-tech ingredient deck and maximum therapeutic dose of actives, propelled the brand out of reach of the competitive set.”

Likewise, Skinstitut marketing manager Zoe Devine is adamant that the brand’s unique position in the market as a high quality brand that delivers real results at an affordable price (all products have an RRP of $45) is key to the brand’s longevity.

“We are continually thrilled when we hear directly from our customers that Skinstitut has transformed their skin and their lives,” she said.

“Formulated by leading cosmetic chemists and pharmacists to ensure effective use of active ingredients, Skinstitut’s delivery systems and biomimetic formulations deliver results and products that really work.”

In addition, she says the brand, which highly values “integrity and honesty”, prides itself on “doing things differently”.

“We truly believe that great skin starts from within,” she said.

“This is why we are proud to deliver Australia’s most comprehensive post-graduate training program for Skinstitut stockists.

“Adding value in the form of education has been pivotal to stockists and consumers alike in differentiating Skinstitut from the rest.”

Nicola concluded that she looks forward to continue working alongside Skinstitut’s team of dedicated professionals “to steer the brand into an enormously promising future”.

Skin Brilliance, the 10 year anniversary skincare pack, contains five of the brand’s most popular products (L-Lactic Cleanser, Glycolic Scrub 14%, Even Blend Serum, Moisture Defence Normal Skin and Age Defence SPF 50+) and retails for $99.


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