SkinCeuticals manager of global education, Veronica Briseno.

Advanced Cosmeceuticals brand manager, Sonia Clifford, shares insights from SkinCeuticals latest successful skincare workshops.

As the manager of global education for SkinCeuticals, Veronica Briseno was given the lofty duty of imparting decades of expertise to knowledge hungry participants at the brand’s latest skincare workshops.

“Veronica is a great educator, she really put the science of SkinCeuticals into terms that everybody could understand and relate to. Everyone left the training seminars with renewed excitement for the brand,”  says Advanced Cosmeceuticals brand manager, Sonia Clifford.

The training seminars covered topics such as the latest product innovations and technologies, product information as well as protocols for the SkinCeuticals brand.

“The ingredient Resveratrol was a product innovation highlight. Veronica discussed how SkinCeuticals overcame the challenges of formulating with Resveratrol due to its low water stability and the reasons why Resveratrol BE is different to other antioxidant products,” explains Clifford.

The seminar also covered the core sciences of SkinCeuticals and 30 years of research and more than 24 clinical studies have been conducted into the brand’s antioxidant technologies.

Briseno also spoke about the increasing global trend of integrated skincare. It is now more common protocol for clients to seek clinical procedures and develop a skincare program based on this. SkinCeuticals have developed an integrated skincare model that incorporates a combination of state of the art clinical procedures, professional treatments and advanced homecare.

“I was taken by surprise when learning about the SkinCeuticals studies conducted on the use of CE Ferulic with laser treatments and the difference that using CE Ferulic made to a client’s recovery,” says Clifford.

Delving beyond the science, Briseno also provided insightful perspective into how businesses can achieve brand loyalty, including the importance of providing ‘added value’ for clients.

Overall however, Clifford says it was Briseno’s ability to communicate about scientific topics in easy to comprehend language that made the seminars such a success.

“Veronica is an amazing speaker and educator, her success coming from her ability to relate and answer any queries due to her previous experience in the aestheticians role.”

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