Woman falls asleep while having a Brazilian wax

Did this really happen?

Yes, Lindy from Beauty Treatments and Training said a lady did fall asleep while having a Brazilian wax, although this lady also admitted to having a slightly higher pain tolerance than some, there are ways to reduce the discomfort associated with waxing especially when using sugaring for hair removal.

Traditional waxes do have additional ingredients to help sooth the skin and recommendation is made to apply talcs and pre-wax oils to help put a barrier between the skin and wax product as the wax tends to adhere to the hair and the skin causing removal of live skin cell layers when wax is removed. Therefore the need for products you may have seen promoted for burned, lifted and irritated skin after waxing.

Is there an alternative?

Absolutely says Lindy, "While new to the market here in Australia, it’s not totally new, in fact it’s ancient. Sugaring has been used for centuries to remove unwanted hair on the body, so it has a long history of safety."

Benefits include the fact it hurts less,  take Denise Tuson’s experience: “While I was looking forward to my waxing session in much the same way I anticipate a visit to the dentist, I realised half way through I was happily chatting about the wonderful fragrance and the feel of the gel and not wincing in pain.”

Pharo sugaring formula adheres to the hair not the skin, thus reducing the discomfort in treatment resulting in less redness and trauma to the skin.
Clients love how moisturised and soft their skin feels after treatment and now salons can up-sell a tanning service to clients after a wax.

A Sugar Wax ‘n’ Tan Treatment is a value added treatment that combines waxing and tanning in one session, something that is not possible with traditional wax. Using Pharo sugaring, hair can be removed from the client’s body just before tanning. This ensures the skin stays hair free and tanned for longer. In addition, when combined with the Radiessence Tan Extender a client can now achieve a hair free tanned look for up to 3 weeks.

Best of all clients talk, they love to tell of new experiences so up go your referrals through word-of-mouth.

Brazilian waxing using Pharo sugaring can be cost effective; a salon can find their cost as low as $1.25 or less in wax. That’s at least a quarter of the price of hot (hard) wax. With sugaring you never have to throw another wooden spatula away, it washes up in water, so re-usable plastic spatulas are used.

Time is vital with Brazilian treatments, with sugaring you are no longer waiting for hot (hard) wax to set, using a strip wax technique means faster treatment times.

No more solvents — you never have to pay for wax solvents again, no need to worry over wax spills any more. Sugaring gel washes off in warm water so you can't ruin floors, equipment, clients' clothes or linen from spilled wax or wax solvents.

Best of all Pharo sugar is pure and natural, made from natural ingredients, has a beautiful fragrance and the therapeutic benefits of Manuka honey, kiwi fruit and lemon.

For more information call Beauty Treatments and Training on 0458 265 07 or visit www.pharosugaring.com.au

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