Dr Geoffrey Heber, Jo-Anne Hurley (Aspirations Beauty Spa) and Karen Wilkin-Donachie

Ultraceuticals’ head office team has spent two months travelling around Australia and New Zealand to showcase “all that’s new and exciting with the iconic brand”.

Led by founder Dr Geoffrey Heber, the Ultraceuticals team held two-day Business Forums for salon partners in NSW, Victoria, South Australia, Queensland and New Zealand.

Each forum included an introduction to the brand’s latest products and promotions as well as a “preview of the brand’s evolution into new branding and packaging that strives for more environmentally friendly materials and initiatives whilst providing a more contemporary and fresher look”.

Each forum also included a talk by Dr Heber on the brand’s Ultra Protective Antioxidant Complex; a Q&A with key salon owners; a business building session by Ultraceuticals sales director Shelley Barnes, a treatment focussed workshop by global education director Liz Fardon and global education ambassador Tracey Beeby.

Ultraceuticals CEO Karen Wilkin-Donachie said the annual Business Forums help the brand stay “fully in touch with our business partners.”

“Our Business Forums are a great opportunity to get close with our business partners to present exciting updates on the brand, as well as offer business coaching in key areas,” she said.

“We consider our salons and clinics as extremely valued partnerships and we invest in programs that we believe will help them in continuing to grow their businesses.

“As I always say: ‘When our partners grow, we grow. You cannot have one without the other in a partnership.’”

She said the forums were important to the brand’s partners as they give them “the chance to hear directly from the source”.

“It’s also an opportunity for them to be interactive and ask any questions they may have around the brand in our open forum setting.”

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