Ultraceuticals reveals ‘life-changing’ transformations  

Ultraceuticals has revealed the winning transformations in its latest “life-changing” RVR90 (Real Visible Results in 90 Days) campaign.

The campaign, now in its fifth year, is designed “to help clients achieve real results with a combination of homecare products and clinic treatments for key skin concerns (acne, anti-ageing and pigmentation).

Ultraceuticals founder Dr Geoffrey Heber says the campaign  “aims to break through the noise of an industry usually over-hyped with false claims and promises” with a high-performing, scientifically-proven range that transforms skin in just 90 days.

To take part, Ultraceuticals clinic’ skin technicians must identify a client’s core skin concern and then prescribe a treatment and homecare plan featuring a RVR90 Starter Pack.

The clinics, which are provided with booklets to document their client’s skin journey over the 90 days with before-and-after photos, are then able to submit their best results to Ultraceuticals for a chance to win prizes for themselves and their clients.

The RVR90 winners for 2018 are:

Ultraceuticals RVR90 Acne (treatments only) category winner – Lush Body & Soul

Category: Acne (treatments only)
Salon: Lush Body & Soul
Therapist: Kylie Ralph
Client: Keenan O’Toole (17)
Keenan’s comment: “This experience of the RVR90 treatment has been a life-changing journey. All of my family and friends have noticed the experience and impact of the treatment transforming my face dramatically. I personally cannot believe how much my face was cleared up over the weeks since I started the program. It has helped me physically and mentally, while improving my confidence.”

Ultraceuticals RVR90 Acne (treatments and modalities) category winner – Kym-Maree’s Beauty Room

Category: Acne (treatments and modalities)
Salon: Kym-Maree’s Beauty Room
Therapist: Kym-Maree Prentice
Client: Shannon Perry (18)
Kym-Maree’s comment: “When I first met Shannon, she was very shy and self-conscious about her skin. She wore very thick makeup to try and cover the acne and redness on her face. Within two weeks after the first treatment and Shannon being compliant with her homecare plan, the results were astonishing. It brought tears to my eyes and Shannon had the biggest smile on her face. I was thrilled for her.”

Ultraceuticals RVR90 Anti-ageing (treatments only) category winner – Refresh & Rejuvenate Beauty & Spa

Category: Anti-ageing (treatments only)
Refresh & Rejuvenate Beauty & Spa
Therapist: Rachael
Client: Mark Margach (46)
Rachaels comment: “When Mark first attended he was a ‘soap and water’ man and didn’t like the feeling of products on his face. Mark has had a significant reduction in pigmentation, his skin tone is lighter and brighter, he looks younger and refreshed, and his fine lines and wrinkles have plumped.”

Category: Pigmentation (treatments only)
Buoy Salon & Spa
Therapist: Kelly Francis
Client: Sophie Craig
Kelly’s comment: “I have really enjoyed following Sophie through her journey with Ultraceuticals RVR90. Sophie has been extremely committed and dedicated to both her homecare and salon treatments. Sophie had amazing results from the beginning and each treatment I was blown away with the improvement.”

Ultraceuticals RVR90 Anti-ageing (treatments and modalities) category winner – Serendipity Medi Spa – Canning Vale

Category: Anti-ageing (treatments and modalities)
Salon: Serendipity Medi Spa – Canning Vale
Therapist: Tayla Bentley
Client: Pam Cumming (50)
Pam’s comment: “I am extremely pleased with the results from the treatments. I was not vigilant with my skin care regime before commencing this challenge, but after seeing the before-and-after photos and visually noticing the difference in my skin I can attest to the improvement. My husband has commented that my skin looks smoother and clearer. My best friend has also commented, so it has made me realise it’s not just me seeing a difference.”

Ultraceuticals RVR90 Pigmentation (Ultraceuticals treatments and modalities) category winner – ASC Carindale

Category: Pigmentation (treatments and modalities)
Salon: ASC Carindale
Therapist: Shae-Lee Kennedy-Browne
Client: Natilee Reed  (23)
Shae-lee’s comment: “I do what I do purely to see amazing results like this. I myself have used Ultraceuticals for five years so I know working on Natilee’s pigment, that Ultra Brightening products were the right step for her journey. The results speak for themselves.”


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