Thalgo has incorporated “innovative free radical technology” to fight pollution in its lastest skin care range.
The aptly titled Oxygen Anti-Pollution Skincare range is “designed to protect skin from environmental aggressors and restore radiance and vitality to dull looking complexions”.
“Innovative free-radical technology to combat pollution and the introduction of a light SPF15 fluid for daily sun protection, make this range an all-around offering for skin that can breathe whilst being perfectly protected,” said Nicola Gleeson, Thalgo general manager – salon/spa.
The active ingredients in the range include:
•O² Protect Complex – shields skin with triple free-radical protection from ROS (reactive oxygen species), RCS (reactive carbonyl species) and RNS (reactive nitrogen species)
• Moringa seeds – protect skin cells from pollutants and help purify the skin by removing asphyxiating micro-particles
• Creatine – boosts skin’s cellular respiration rate
• Organic White Lupin extract – activates the synthesis of epidermal lipids and proteins, helps to protect and repair damage caused by pollutants and strengthens the skin’s barrier function
Products in the Oxygen Anti-Pollution Skincare range include Cryodetox Mask, Oxygen SOS Serum, Oxygen 3-Defence Cream and Oxygen 3-Defence Fluid.