Nine years after launching Ultraderm skincare, In 2 Skin Australia has taken on the distribution of Rezenerate ‒ a nano infusion device that “infuses products into the skin”.

Ultraderm founder Pauline Valle said the device, which was launched in the US in 2014, is targeted at salons and clinics that currently offer advanced facial services and want “to be at the forefront of new technological advances.”

The device is based on three principles (enhanced product infusion, accelerated exfoliation and vibratory massage) which increase product absorption, reduce fine lines and offer a comfortable all-round skin rejuvenating treatment.

According to Valle, Rezenerate offers several key benefits to salons and clinic owners:

  • a non-invasive, pain-free, results-orientated treatment option
  • a differentiating edge over competitors
  • it can be added to the treatment menu without changing the preferred skincare line
  • it can treat previously ‘untreatable areas’ such as eyelids and lips

In 2 Skin will market the Rezenerate to consumers with an “ integrated approach” by Rezenerate Authorized Providers in-salon and a strong social media presence.


she stressed that despite big plans for the new brand, the company will remain committed to Ultraderm.

“We are still 100 percent focused on skincare


we love the concept of Rezenerate in that it’s Product Neutral and can be used with any

high quality

salon skincare brand so a business owner can choose to incorporate it into their treatment menu without the need to invest in another skincare line.

“For our Ultraderm Partners it offers an additional modality that can be used to upgrade and enhance their services.”