Personalised skin microbiome treatments have moved one step closer to reality with the launch of an ‘instant microbiome analysis and profiling system’.

Developed by Givaudan Active Beauty, the i-MAPS system will allow skincare manufacturers to “expand their product offering to include skincare products tailored to the unique microbiome of their consumers”.

According to the Switzerland-based company, i-MAPS uses bioinformatics to create individual profiles “about the bacteria present on the microbiome” by mapping the skin microbiome in around just seven hours rather than the seven days required for a standard analysis.

Laurent Bourdeau, head of Givaudan Active Beauty, said the company is very proud to have created the revolutionary cosmetic innovation.

“The creation of i-MAPS is not only an impressive achievement in microbiome research but it’s also a game changer for the world of cosmetics,” he said.

“This technological advancement is the first step into unclaimed territory creating new strategic opportunities for our customers to explore the personalisation of beauty products with microbiome data in the future.”

He said i-MAPS will allow skincare companies to respond to consumer demands for more tailored beauty products.

“The new technology will eventually allow companies to include the latest microbiome research into their products to help consumers fine-tune their skincare routines.

According to a consumer study by the company last year, “globally, 73 percent of people said that they are willing to try cosmetic products with a skin microflora concept and 78 percent recognise that when skin microflora is out of balance, it can result in skin-related issues or diseases”.

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