Australian Skin Clinics reveal 2019 trends

Australian Skin Clinics, which recently celebrated the opening of its 48th medi-aesthetic franchise, is planning to continue growing this year by meeting consumers’ changing demands.

ASC national training manager Darlene O’Gara says 2018 was a big year for beauty with trends such as “old-is-new-again technology like LED light therapy alongside new treatments like micro-needling”, renewed hype for ingredients such as retinol and collagen, and a rapid rise in demand for funky paper face masks and sustainable beauty products”.

“Every year we see new and innovative beauty treatments that promise anti-ageing and silky-smooth skin gain popularity.”

O’Gara says she expects four major trends to dominate the Australian beauty industry in 2019:

Non-surgical lunch time lifts

“We all want to look our best as the years go by and quick and relatively simple cosmetic procedures have allowed us to do so with minimum effort.

“Dermal fillers, CryoDefine (fat freezing) and micro-needling treatments are some of the most popular that easily fit within a lunch hour.

“‘Lunchtime lifts’ have and always will be a popular choice when it comes to achieving results. Factors such as no surgery, no anaesthetic and no downtime have seen these procedures skyrocket.

“As the procedures become more and more accessible, the prices have become increasingly competitive and now almost anyone can get the treatments that only celebrities once coveted.

“We fully expect more and more everyday people, male and female, to take advantage of these treatments in 2019 as they look to manage their increasingly busier work-life balance.”

Preventative treatments

“Preventative treatments such as anti-wrinkle injections and laser rejuvenation enable clients in their 20s and 30s to set themselves up for wrinkle-free and youthful skin in their 40s, 50s and beyond.

“In fact more than 20 per cent of women who currently dabble in anti-wrinkle or other cosmetic injectables are under the age of 35 and this number is expected to rise with younger women becoming more conscious of their skin and the effects their lifestyle has on it later in life.

The ‘Tweak-ment’

“Patients are increasingly wanting to maintain their natural face structure but with a few refined tweaks ‒ ‘a bit plumper here’, ‘a bit more angled there’.

“We have definitely started to see the rise of the ‘tweak-ment’ (face contouring with injectables) and only expect this to grow further in 2019.

“It’s not like 10 years ago when people were coming in with the cover of a magazine wanting to look more like a supermodel.

“Increasingly we are seeing clients who want to look more like their own filtered photos, or a Photoshop version of themselves. Recently, clients have been focused on the tiny little micro-optimisations that make them feel a little bit more confident but are not completely obvious.”

“This is expected to continue into 2019 with a more natural look favoured over ‘plastic’.

Personalised home care

Gone are the days of picking up a facial cleanser from our local supermarket and in are the days of a completely personalised skincare regime.

“We’re finding that as people become more skin conscious so does their at home product preferences.

“Clients want their skincare products to complement their treatment plan whether it be for acne, dry skin or anti-ageing solutions.”


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