One year after launching at Beauty Expo Australia, DermaEnergy, a medical skincare brand targeted at millennials, has moved into the UK market.

The “unique and youthful Aussie brand” has signed a distribution deal with DestinationSkin, the UK’s leading aesthetic clinic for advanced skin solutions “with over 14 years’ experience specialising in laser hair removal, skin concerns and anti-ageing”.

Speaking to Professional Beauty about “the exciting new partnership”, DermaEnergy creator and managing director Sean Abel said he was confident that the clinic’s commitment to the brand (it will now stock only DermaQuest and DermaEnergy) would ensure its success in the UK.

“DestinationSkin is a big player in the UK with 16 clinics so I am sure that smaller solo salons will want to follows its lead and stock DermaEnergy too,” he said.

Sean decided to launch DermaEnergy after noticing there were no “professional skincare brands for millennials on the market despite the fact that the population of millennials is expected to overtake the size of Generation X in Australia some time next year”.

Made in Australia, the new brand is made up of two cleansers, two toners, seven serums, four moisturisers and one sun block – all containing Adenosine Triphosphate (ATP) to “help energise the skin”.

In addition the moisturisers are “lightweight rather than the heavy hydrating creams aimed at the over 40s and over 50s” and all the serums are oil free and formulated with hyaluronic acid “because hydrated skin means better absorption of the water soluble actives”.

Sean has deliberately omitted an eye cream from the range as they are “a crock” and “all our serums and moisturisers can be applied onto the eye contour.”

However what really sets DermaEnergy apart from other cosmeceutical brands is undoubtedly its approach to marketing

“A lot of cosmeceuticals brands take themselves too seriously and that doesn’t really appeal to most millennials,” said Sean.

“We however believe a medical skincare brand can be fun – and this philosophy shows in all our marketing.

“Our products are packaged in vibrant colours and all the names are playful and engaging ‒ Clean with Envy, Calm the Harm, Solution from Pollution, Shed the Dead and Race against Time.

“We believe this fun approach really appeals to millennials – and of course makes all our products very Instagrammable too!”